Freedom of speech


I recommend people read this and acknowledge what it means.

There are way too many sensitive peoole telling others how to speak without understanding the consequences of what they are doing.

The left gets blamed all time for suppressing freedom of speech but they are NOT the only culprits that shit on our firdt amendment. I have been seeing an increasing amount of supposed constitutionally minded people run around yelling “molon labe” just to turn around and cry about others opinions being offensive well I hate to break to you but our second amendment is nothing without the first. My main point is stop being a pussy guys, even if you are not very gritty or thick skinned at least learn to take criticisms or even jokes without pissing your panties like a snowflake. If you cant grasp this concept then you obviously dont understand why the constitution was wrote and I dare say ,you might be better off getting rid of your guns since you cant seem to understand why free speech was placed above our right to bear arms on the bill of rights. Anyways, god bless America …and prostitutes with clean cunts…



Just because someone has the right to express themselves, that does not mean that they should try their best to agitate other people. The “humor” that I have seen from you know who, was tasteless, unnecessary, and served no purpose. He had the free speech right to do that, but why do it in the first place?

If a person thinks that being mean is somehow making himself more free, then that person is wrong. And, if other people have to suffer just for a person to prove how free he is, then that person is simply being mean.

Why should anyone visit Full30 if all they see everyday from select people is insults and false accusations?

There is a big difference between what you legally can do, and what you should do. Perhaps you should think about those times when you give up some of your rights temporarily just so you can live in a peaceful, polite world. I choose to be civil to everyone here, because it is the right thing to do, regardless of what my rights are. But, let’s face it, he was trying to harass me. That sort of behavior should not be tolerated here in Full30 (or anywhere else, for that matter).

If we are always acting at the lowest end of civility, it would be more like the Hollywood version of the wild west everywhere, not a pleasant place for the majority of people.

And, taking my words out of context and/or mixing them with other people’s comments, just makes things worse, not better.


Probably to illicit a reaction. That’s what these types of people do, they say and do things mostly for either shock value or to garner a negative reaction.

Just ignore it and move on if that sort of stuff isn’t your thing. I know I do.


I offered a possible hypothesis and in the end recommended to ignore something or someone for whom you don’t agree if the infraction to one’s principals was egregious enough.

I’m not getting in the middle of someone else’s battles mate. :+1:


@JohnB man the fuck up! You can’t seriously be intimidated, afraid, bullied,insulted & emasculated by people being sarcastic and/or humorous! I can’t count how many times you’ve claimed to be insulted, scared or what not! It’s ridiculous! I’ve seen women on their periods less sensitive to everyday life! How do you even function or leave the safe space of your house? I advise you go see a shrink, get some damn good meds, or stay the hell away from the outside world! It’s ridiculous! Get your balls back from your wife & Grow up!!!



Thank you for your sound advice.

It is true, I have bent over backwards trying to be nice to everyone. Some people don’t deserve that, but they got the nice treatment anyway.

Yeah, I can see how my words have made the wrong impression here. I saw how someone here had disdain for my being (too) nice from the very beginning.

It has been, and still is, my hope that this forum will do well. I have been afraid that if people do a lot of trash talking, then it might not grow to its full potential (as the trash talk turns off a lot of people, particularly the women).

So, now at a crossroad of just accept that the trash talk will continue and let my thicker skin prevail, or find somewhere else to go to talk about guns. Well, the problem is that so many places I have been, there has always been a few people that love to do the same things that one person here in Full30 has been doing, especially of late. So, let’s see how things go.

Just remember, I am here to talk about guns, not see who can act the toughest.


The way I look at free speech is this. Try this. Walk into a biker bar and walk up to the biggest guy and call him a pussy. Some folks think this is free speech. Waking up in the alley behind the bar gives you pause and you start to think. Wow free speech does have consequences. Unfortunately people do this every day online. They do it because they think they are anonymous and no consequences.


Wow !

Looks like there is a new whiner in town, and he isn’t me!

Thanks again, LonewolfMcQuade.

Enough mindless chit chat. Can we get back to guns now ?


Where did I specify any names? I didnt direct this at anyone specifically.


My issue is being attacked or having people get really stupid about a difference of opinion. This is not trolling ,its for real. I put the first amendment eye to eye with the second, what I dont do is get super pissed and start blowing up at people over their opinions. Everyone has a different tolerance level when it comes to joking , there is a limit but we should not behave like SJWs or we have already lost.


You ever play sports in school? Or hung out with bikers? They flip eachother shit and give eachother a hard time (joking around) despite having eachothers back. Free speech doesnt mean you are free to spesk as long as it dosnt offend anyone. It means youre an opininated fuck that has a right to speak his two cents. I prefer agreeing to disagree instead of getting offended and stomping my feet while crying but that is just me, ymmv.


Ive only got offensive ones



Sorry, you are right. Names withdrawn regarding issues.

LonewolfMcQuade - still deserves a special thanks for saying it straight without the need for any overhead.


Im actually discussing a much bigger issue. We have already lost anything left of “American culture” if we become snowflakes.


A good rule of thumb is talk to people like you are standing right in front of them. I am 56 and spent most of my life riding or hanging out with bikers…what I said before stands. You walk in a biker bar and nobody know you from a bucket of assholes and give somebody shit. You are going to end up a puddle. Its about respect. Once you have earned it, you can say what ya want.


I don’t know how many people caught this but this cracks me up.


Yea they also give people shit and take it fairly well, they are not sensitive in anyway shape or form and have filthy mouths. I agree about being civil and showing respect but hazing is a common thing among us guys, especially bikers. Had a good friend pretty deep i those circles and they are pretty kicked back if your cool, only issues that pop up are with hardasses or people that want to prove something.


It is pretty funny …


Just JohnB and you. Understandable cuz you’re so alike.

JohnB, if your watching… just sarcasm.


No problem, mquinn55.

I thought your comment was funny.

Well, all of us here do share a common love of guns, so having at least some other similar interests or traits should be expected, too.

However, Robert and I do differ big time on our musical interests: I love classical music and jazz; Robert - not sure what you call it - hard rock?