Fudds Are The Enemy Of The 2nd Amendment



Love the message, and the calm presentation :+1:




Great video and I agree with @Robert. We need to remain calm and stand together. I have seen a lot of angry divisiveness within the 2A community across social media and it is very troubling. We will lose the battle if we fall apart.


Makes sense. I hope the video reasonates with the people it applies to.


too bad the BUT people have such a huge following…I’m so tired of hearing a so called sworn 2nd Amendment supporter saying banning bump stocks is good I could beat one of them with my Slidefire stock just to prove you don’t have to shoot somebody with one…fing POS…


I think you’re spot on in your thoughts and well expressed. The problem I find hard is getting the attention of these less involved gun owners. IMHO they don’t watch Full30 or YouTube videos. They don’t belong to gun forums. That’s why I’d like to see us that are involved move beyond just letter writing and videos that are just preaching to the choir. I’d like to see us united on the street with some public display of unity. But there seems to be no interest in that, (at least that I can find.)

I think most of the less involved people are the individual NRA members. They pay their dues and contribute when badgered for more money but they think that’s all they can do. I have plenty of issues with the NRA but probably not so much with the membership. How do we get their attention and involvement? That to me is the hard question.


Anyone who say’s, I support the 2nd Amendment, BUT I am ok with banning and restricting certain items is a TRAITOR POS…including anyone on the site who feels that way…F You…YOU are what’s wrong in America…please leave and go to Canada or Mexico…Need help packing ?


At this point those nations should build a wall so our dead heads don’t infect them

hmmm, new pitch for Trump :thinking::thinking:


Europe and Canada has been infected for years, hopefully we can stop it…


The NRA could give a rats ass about you…you are just some flunkie they convince to give them money, and by no means am I saying that is what you are, But to them that is all you are…join the GOA they are the one’s who will fight for you even if you are a NRA member, I would not give the NRA a penny…they are not your friend…


Thank you @DarkCornerGunworks.


lol. Already saved by Jesus. Am getting more acquainted with the Glock family though. :upside_down_face:


@rjburk, I’m not here to wave the NRA flag. However I’ll bet close to 75% of their membership believe they’re the only game in town. Now the NRA does plenty in the world of gun safety education and within the legal system. But I agree they don’t fight hard enough and don’t stand true to the “shall not be infringed” standard most or all of us here do. The dumbass bump stock ban being their latest and worst blunder. But if you take anything from the OP it’s, “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” The large percentage of the silent members of the NRA can be motivated to more action. But not by bad mouthing the organization they belong to or calling them flunkies.

Side note:
As for the GOA, I joined back in December and have yet to get anything in the mail or email (except the order conformation.) I’m assuming there is some membership package providing a way to get involved. But to this point they’ve got my cash and I’ve seen nothing. There is a phone number at least on the email and I’ll be calling that today.


NRA proves they deserve bad mouthing, they are supporting Infringements and those who support those infringements are flunkies, how I feel about it…GOA has at least filed a lawsuit over bumpstocks and I am sure they are very busy, I agree you should have gotten info about joining by now…


I agree overall and mostly with the quoted portion above. What I’m suggesting though is don’t assume all NRA members support infringements.


I am very impressed with the video from @GhostTactical. It is not terrifying, or scary in language but it is solicitous of creating a unified front through calmer avenues. It would seem that the vast amount of energy used in divisive causes could be better utilized in preparing for a fight. I want to win the war even at the cost of a few battles that are not following the dedication of the Constitution creators, as we are hoping to form now.

Again, @GhostTactical, you did a good job at defining the reality of our actions.


@Merlin7… Thanks man!


Hah, was reading these latest posts and one by one they get deleted as I’m reading them. Come on guys. :cowboy_hat_face:


They were based on a misunderstanding. Resolved, so no longer relevant.