Fudds Are The Enemy Of The 2nd Amendment


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You only have to believe




If NRA members who are against Infringements shake hands with members that do, talk with them and go to NRA events with them, then they are all the same, you are condoning Infringements by consorting with those that do…


IYHO of course.
I would see that as infiltrating and enlightening them.


Thinking happy thoughts didn’t work, Peter Pan. I can fly, now, however. So, that’s pretty neat.


I joined the NRA when they were the only game in town. The rank and file members are not represented by the national leaders like they should be. And the majority don’t get involved in any form of protest aginst infringments on our rights . But how many gun owners out there don’t belong to any organization at all and wont get involved until it is too late . And calling them a pos is not the way to get them involved. I think it is best to be as informed as you can be about the legislation that is out there and talk to as many people as you can to explainwhy they should be more informed and involved. Alot of themdont care until they cant buy ammo to deer hunt with or buy a gun at wal mart . Then they cuss and gripe for a day or two then forget about it until it is too late to stop it. Then they go vote for the people that took that away because they are promised more free stuff.


You are 110% correct, The NRA does not care about members, they care about money and being politically correct which has been killing our Country for years, so why be involved with them ? Majority of gun owners do not belong to any organization, correct again, goes without saying. One thing the Freebie/welfare/bum crowd will do is get loud and in your face, gun owners don’t, so who will win ? IF you are not willing to fight your enemy at his level, you will lose…that is why we have lost from Vietnam to Afghanistan, Gun owners will either stand at some point or be disarmed…I have been very adamant about calling people who say they support the 2nd Amendment, BUT support more infringements as POS, my mind has not changed.



I agree with Robert - great message and nice, calm presentation.

Let’s all unite! It will give us far better results than being divided (divided we fall…).


And this is why you will never change anyone’s mind. Being angry and calling people names only convinces them they are right in thinking the way they do about gun owners. So you are doing more damage to the cause than the people you are calling names.


power is information and education, give a person the facts and what they do with it is their right just as it is your right to believe what you believe.


Gun owners have millions of Facts to back gun ownership, saving lives, property and stopping crime, Does anyone in D.C. care ? Not enough to stop the Infringements. So what should those people be called ? Good people ? Leaders ? or POS…More Infringements are coming, The Left wants you disarmed. There is no one in Congress who is willing to fight for the Constitution and Bill of Rights unless they will get something for themselves, they could care less about you and any minds you change and they keep proving it everyday…NRA and it’s members even approve of Infringements and will approve of more…I won’t waste time or breathe on convincing someone otherwise…I can spend that time reloading and stocking up, at least then I will have something to show for my effort…


The War is already here…has been for many years, the left has been winning and will continue to win battle by battle…you lose every battle and you lose the war…it will take something very drastic and damaging to change it…


I agree. I do believe those of us that enjoy the shooting activities have been generally honest about issues relating to this; however, I firmly believe the left has been duplicitous, sneaky, liars that make the fight skewed. We all should see through all the smoke and mirrors they are using to fool a lot of good, but ill-informed people.


The Left will smile and shake your hand, when you walk away they will motion for a couple goons to follow you down the street and cut your throat…


One thing to remember is that where some bans and restrictions are in place very few people are complying with them . And they estimate that there are 300 million guns in the hands of the people I feel that that is a very low number. And they don’t have any idea who has what . So what ever they do almost all of us will not comply they will have to come door to door and get local law enforcement officials to help and in most areas that won’t happen.