Full 30 app. When is it coming?


When is the app coming Tim? I think it will really help Full30 take off.


Never. Apple already refused it multiple times. Wouldn’t know about Android.


Nobody likes spple anyway…lol

I am android. And would still love to have the option.


Well, I like Iphone…


Do all apps need to go through the Android/Apple stores?


I don’t know about iPhone apps, but I know you can download and install apps on Android from third parties (ie not google).


I’d like to be able to cast videos to my tv,from my phone.


Im pretty sure apple has royalties on everything. Thats why I don’t like apple cause they even have royalties on compatible Bluetooth devices.


I’d love to have a full 30 streaming app for roku or smart tv.


You could create an Android APK and side load on to a phone, Amazon Fire TV, or other Android device.


I cast full30 on to my tv using Chromecast.


No. It’s a little more complicated to search outside the store, but non-Play Store apps can be sent from a computer to your Android. I don’t know about Apple. The device may need to be “jailbroken”.


You can create your own desktop link, at least in iOS, by clicking/tapping the email option and selecting “create desktop site”. You get a desktop icon you can move to wherever you like to keep such items and use it like an app for access. I’ve made quite a few to access sites that do not have their own app…


How do you know this?

Why would they do that?


Tim said so himself.

Don’t know? Guess they’re part of the liberal anti gun crowd?


I was going to say - what about google play? But then thought twice about that.


Wow, what BS. I only use iPhones because I hate the android OS so I’d be screwed if one got through there. Regarding Amdroid, that is NOT going to happen since Google=Android=YouTube.

What was the reason given for the denials?


That’s not true. You don’t need to use Google Play Store to install Android apps, so an Android app is totally possible, despite Google being a supersized pain in the ass. Also, there is so little difference between iOS and Android on an interface level that you’re cheating yourself by allowing the little nuances to be offputting to you; especially given that you can load apps without rooting the Android operating system to do so.

Anyhow, as long as you are able to “cast” from your phone or tablet to a streaming device (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.), an app isn’t necessary. It does make it easier, though. My phone only connects to Wi-Fi on my router’s 2.4 GHz channel, whereas my Roku connects on the much faster 5 GHz channel. My phone can only cast to my Roku if I change its channel to the 2.4 GHz channel. That’s a pain I don’t have to deal with when I cast to the YouTube Roku app, though. I wish they’d put out an Android app for Full30 solely so I can be lazy about my casting :wink:


An app could be developed and released thru the Amazon app store to install on android. not sure about apple and amazon store.


How do you get the chromecast to work with this app. Please help