Full 30, breaking my ♡


somehow, once again, I’ve run out of likes for the day. I have no idea why they’re Limited in the first place. We’re getting more and more great people into a forum already full of great people. There is so much great stuff in here we should have no limits on the likes!!!. #lift the cap on likes @TomFull30


I agree, it is rather limited. I’m always our of love to give.


Yes totally agree why are there limits?


I didnt know there was a limit.


Lol, I just got another badge today for using up all my :heart: 5 days in a row.


@Tactical_Reviews @full30nick @Robert
I read a lot of good stuff on this place, is there an ability to fix the like limit here? I see good stuff and I like it with the heart button, I think it helps encourage others to put more of the same and strive to contribute more. otherwise it looks like their comments went unnoticed or ignored and they may tend not to contribute as much in my opinion. Please fix this!


That is a really weird feature. I’ll look into that soon


I agree 100%, need to do away with the like limits, at the very least on regular members.


All fixed! I set it to 500. Read a bit about it, and the limit is intended to add worth to their use, and avoid scripts from being written to auto like every post on the forum. Seem like an agreeable solution?


thank you very much sir!


Any chance we can increase the picture size limit? I enjoy making my own gifs from videos or stop motion and I would like to post short, high quality gifs of unusual firearms actions.


@full30nick may be able to help?


What dimension did you have in mind? I may be able to do that, but I’m not positive off of the top of my head


I think a 30% increase as I watch the mb I post on GIFS and its usually not too far off from nope, cant do, to yes, can do



give it a try now, I tweaked something, but I’m not sure if it was the right something




upped the max to 10,000kB


anigif_original-24724-1426708500-24 Jenny-vs-Carmen-jenny-mccarthy-39068577-320-240 tumblr_nyhu4nVP2p1skasmxo2_r1_500 holyfield-phone anna-head


Yes! Thank you all. @Robert and @full30nick you guys made my day. Better gifs here I come!


Celebrity Deathmatch?