Full 30 collaborative 1911 build

For the sake of this discussion let’s start this thread so we can keep it all straight and figure out if this is something that we can really get finished

Also to add once the frame is completed it either has to be done by the end user or registered by a ffl here so we can raffle it off or do something to benefit this site not our selves

I can contribute parts or labor either one works for me
So here we go
Let’s begin


I believe we should just keep it in 80%, but most of the cosmetic work will be done.

It would be easiest to keep it as a premium 80% kit. The person that buys/gets it will legally make it into a complete pistol.

If we do it again some time in the future I will be able to contribute more.

Count me in for an 80% frame. It doesn’t have a barrel seat and is a standard Government frame if I remember correctly.


I agree with keeping it in the 8o% percent form
This will allow us to send it somewhere if we need to move it around

And as I stated and mosin stated the completion of this must be done by the end user


We can likely sell the entire 80% full30 kit on gunbroker


Didn’t the Germans do this with their commission rifle?