Full30 Becoming an Open Platform


We are pleased to announce that Full30 is opening its doors to all content creators in the near future! In the meantime, please feel free to reserve your channel at the following URL:


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I’m all for an open platform, but…the general public can’t be trusted. Any thoughts on protecting the site from sharks?


Thanks Full30. Reserved my Blacksmithing/Outdoors channel just now


I’ve signed up my “DigitalEngine” channel! :grinning:


Looking forward to seeing it!


Thank ya sir. I’m glad you’re interested. I have some stuff planned for Full 30 and YouTube but mostly full 30.


Sweet keep me posted.


I’m new to Full30 I’m just trying to see when can I up load my videos here thank you


Very awesome news! Have been waiting for this day.


Woo HOO!

Thank you!

And if you need any free help, let me know.


Can a user register multiple channels? If yes, can I register the channel names PewDiePie and Justin Beiber? If Full30 ends up giving YouTube a run for their money I’m going to make some cash selling channel names. ; ) In all seriousness may I suggest that anyone who supports Full30.com spread the message to as many people as possible. Put links to Full30.com in as many comment threads, Social media posts anywhere and everywhere possibl. Tell your family, tell your friends. Full30 is open for all business.


In no way starting an argument, but why cant the general public be trusted? I’m in the firearms industry, and I love hearing not only feedback from potential customers but also enjoy videos and threads started by individuals. It helps our industry grow.


Based on the amount of channels that have reserved spots already, we will be needing to hire at least 10 moderators to keep things in order on Full30.

With an open video platform anyone could create a channel and start uploading things like snuff films, child pornography, illegal drug use, and copyrighted material, which we are responsible for managing. This is another reason why we haven’t been able to open Full30 up to the public yet, because we are only a small team that has built a project that Google needs thousands of employees to manage.

We are working as quickly as possible, but please understand that this is a massive undertaking.


Huzzah there is light!


Thank you!

I had previously tried to go over to vid.me, and I loved that platform … Then two weeks later they closed down.

Looking forward to being part of a network that doesn’t marginalize constitutional content.


I’ll forgive you for the massive understatement.


Well said. Thank you.


Redneck in a hat is waiting for the launch


Ain’t it a real beech! Talk radio was talking about it a week or so ago. Like you said, when open to the public, anybody can post whatever, and the gobment holds YOU (the site holder) responsible, NOT the jerk that published child porn, or whatever. Somethings gotta change.