FULL30 Beta Roll out


Feast your eyes and behold



Noticed it right away this morning. Need to get used to it but I’m liking it.


At this time I’m unable to manage my videos. I’m sure they are busy, so I can be patient.


New accounts on the horizon


Just sign up!


Where do I report bugs in the new system? My list of videos from channels I’m subscribed-to is sorted alphabetically instead of newest first


I guess we’ll consider that reported :sunglasses:

Its BETA, its long overdue, so smoothing the edges may take a bit, we’ll get there



Great stuff! Happy to see Full30 growing.

Looks like the “hot” page currently shows the videos with the highest view counts, which means it is unlikely to change hardly at all over time. Most other sites treat “hot” as the most popular recent things. So maybe make it the videos with the most views in the past week or something like that.


I noticed the changes before I came to the Forum today. Most impressed! very organized and detailed, I love it!!! Great job!


I can’t manage mine either @Robert - the manage videos URL gives me an unauthorized error.


There’s also a glitch with the infinite scroll on the home page. I’m seeing rows of videos appear multiple times.


Its being worked on right now, they are, now and always, in overtime at HQ trying to make it perfect :sunglasses:


Don’t see access to the channel stats either. I manually entered the URL. I shall remain patient. They have a hard job and don’t need us griping.


Its a good place to list findings, makes them known at least


There’s a difference between griping and a reporting of bugs. I appreciate reports from coworkers on issues when I’m developing a website. It allows me to fix them.


I’m also not sure if I’m getting any monitized earnings. Haven’t seen my earnings go up today.


what I find interesting now is the forum is primary link and everything else is a subset.
Might create an issue and we may need to create a sub forum specific to the videos for the ano. poster?


Holy BETA Batman! Such growth! Really Nice, and the new stuff. What a tribute to all of FULL30, but especially acknowledge @Robert and the effort that is now delivered, Good Job.

Now, when do you 'splain all this new stuff? :thinking:


I can explain the beer, thats it :beer: :sunglasses:

@Sonny reload for the curmudgeon would you please


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Perfectly makes sense! Thanks Sonny