FULL30 Beta Roll out


worked fine prior to change…


You AK Animal…do a review on the Ruger Ranch rifle in 7.62x39…a nice change of pace and you won’t have to use so much ammo…lol


Good idea Brother! @Rob_Ski Ak channel or goat rescue. Your choice!


When using manage videos, large icons now work on my laptop with both Chrome and fire fox.

Both browsers do not show the correct thumbnail on videos published after the site update, but do show correct thumbnails on videos published before. This is not on the manage all video page, but on the manage that video page.

Great job guys on the bug hunt.


Ditto on the thumbnail issue and not being able to upload custom ones. Here’s to hoping it’s resolved quickly.


How about we start a list of bugs. I’ll keep it updated by adding new ones, and removing the ones that have been resolved. Please let me know what you wish added.

No channel stats.
No custom thumbnail for videos.
Email notifications.


Any news?? I still can’t send Email Notifications with new Videos, I keep getting the error


I’d prepare to enjoy the holiday week and not worry about videos.


I’m doing that, that’s why I’m asking now, tomorrow, offline!!


Same here trying to get things lined up and scheduled. I’ll just wait until all this is sorted out later.


In order of preference:

Custom Thumbnails
E-Mail Notifications

Those are my top concerns, the rest will happen when they happen


These are both on top of the list, the office is with family and we have some personnel changes happening,

timings rough but…2019 will be a new year.

Merry Christmas



Both of those Im missing sooooo much. Definitely custom thumbnail 1st


The end of today should see thumbnail related issues repaired as well as subscription notifications!!


Still having lots of issues with email notifications. I’ve gotten one or two, but haven’t received a bunch of emails from channels I subscribe to.


Something different than the subscription notifications noted above?


Just got a notification!!


One more thing that doesn’t work right is the Scheduling, I had scheduled this one video for this morning and it didn’t go up as scheduled, I had to manually make it live


I’ll schedule that in