FULL30 Beta Roll out


Not different, just tossing in my reports for tracking consistency amongst issues.

I get the occasional notification, but mostly don’t get notifications. So I don’t trust getting a singular notification until I get several notifications from multiple channels on multiple days.


Yes, I got it too, but I don’t know if it’s automatic or is the one that I tried Notification and the system gave me an error message?? Should I leave it alone next time and see if it automatically notifies??


Just keep watching, theres a lot of hands at work


I just received a bunch of Full30 video emails for all of the videos I didn’t receive notifications about.


Looks like I also received email notifications about unpublished videos.

I got an email about a Forgotton Weapons video that isn’t listed on Ian’s page and an email about a broken video that won’t play.


LOL, so some mail from 2015 arrived? :grin::grin:


Please test a scheduled video as soon as you can, should be good!


OK< Friday would be our next Video, I will schedule it and test it!! Do you want me to do a manual E-Mail Notification?? Or see if it does the Email notification on it’s own??


Woo-Hoo, Notifications work!! I was able to send one on the Survival Magazine!!


By all means test the good stuff first


Was able to send a notification Email from the video I published last week.


Videos I had uploaded but not published now say processing. I also noticed a jump in views,


Me too!! My Views were languishing and now they’re back to the correct number and beating YouTube again!!

Thanks guys

And yes, I got a Notification from you too!!


There’s still bugs being squashed and I do appreciate them being posted here to be exterminated.


One more thing, this is NOT so important, but…

The Thumbs up button, in the past, when I liked a Video, the Thumbs up would remain Green, now it doesn’t, can you make that good again??

Grassy Ass!!


Well see, might have to wait for a beer :sunglasses:


I can take care of that when we meet!!


Could happen, wife and I are exchanging craigslist RV’s ads daily :sunglasses:

Florida has lost its Dixie charm


Looks like the channel trailer now stays put when publishing a new video.


Is there a way to make responding to comments on videos easier? Right now get notification by email of comment on our video then have to search for that video and respond there. Can’t respond from manage videos section.