FULL30 Beta Roll out


When I click them I get a 505 error

you click the video link in the email and it go’s to the video?


I’m getting email notifications, but I’m not getting any video thubmnail images in the email notifications.


Some of the links take you to the video, the others give a 404 error.


Both have been reported and I was told should be easy fixes


OK, Scheduling didn’t work!!! And… The Video is not featured as new Video and it’s listed at the time of Upload and NOT at the time of Publishing!! We upload one at a time, but publish depending on our schedule.

Can we get that fixed??

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!!


Tell me the name of the video to look into please



I released it this morning and it’s 7th in line, it should be the latest Video Featured!! Number one and the one featured as new Video!!

I had it to come on at 0500 this morning, it didn’t, I had to do it manually


Should I delete the Video and Upload it again?? This should be number one and it’s hurting Views!!

I have seven Views here, 80 in Youtube!! Until now, I was 4-5X more here than YouTube!!


I was told yes, remove it, it can’t be looked into immediately and we don’t want you to have any further issues


I find it concerning how few new videos there are on the Full30 home page. There’s definitely been a dip.

I have a video edited but I’m holding on publishing it until after things smooth out a little more.


That’s what I’ve been doing. Just holding off for now.


Holding off is not a help, please, toss it on the wall so if it does not stick we can find out why


Honestly, these are some serious bugs that could have, and should have, been better tested before roll out. I don’t mind helping identify obscure and small bugs. But I don’t want to post a video and not have emails with images go out. That negatively impacts my business efforts in a big way.

I don’t want to be a guinea pig for major bugs like this.


Well thanks anyhow.


I’m testing this as they occur. No point in posting a video when other people already showed the bug. So I wait to give some time. I do plan to post up a video today to try a few things. Mainly I’m going to re edit some videos that were uploaded a month ago and never published. Will share what I find.


I help where I can. I’ve reported bugs and provided info on other bugs.

But email issues is quite bad for my visibility. My channel is small enough as it is and I don’t want to dump a ton of time into a video that gets no visibility so I can test a bug for y’all when y’all can just use a staging environment or upload videos to a private channel or any variation of it.

If I had a client who was having issues with their checkout, I wouldn’t tell them to just wait until a customer purchases a product and hope the sale works and let me know if it doesn’t. I would do what I can as a developer to replicate and test the issue on my own so my client doesn’t lose sales because of a bug. Many of these are bugs that are easy to replicate, so y’all don’t need me to test them.

I suppose I could find a simple shooting match video and upload something I don’t care much about and throw it up there to see what sticks. But I’m not going to upload a video I spent an entire range day on and a few hours editing to see if it does not stick and then we find out why.

I’ll check my video archive later today and see if there’s something I don’t mind uploading.


That’s what I’ll be working on, just some older videos I never published. My field strip and clean video kind of didn’t do well, it was published right at the start of the beta. I’ll live though. I want the site to work, so I’m willing to sacrifice a bit.


Reading this thread makes me sad on top of making my brain hurt.


Someone need a tickle monster ?


That’s the problem with bug hunting. They’re getting it done though.