FULL30 Beta Roll out


Good thing that i checked your reply on the forum. The email doesn’t have the gif and your reply could be taken the wrong way


Why is it that the one Video I posted on Wednesday is on top as a new Upload and not the one I just Uploaded again??


Since thats just your user panel I just book marked for later when other things are covered, I do believe its incorrect but small so holding back on the alarm bell

Thank you for posting


Just uploaded this video. It’s not a huge video, it uploaded fast, processed fast. I was able to pick a thumbnail, but not upload a custom thumbnail. I entered all my information with no issues, and sent out an Email. This was published on the spot, not scheduled.


I got the email already, thumbnail missing but its known so will be addressed :sunglasses:


Good to know. Looks like many of the issues have been corrected.


I received the email, no thumbnail. I did receive an email about Forgotten Weapon’s video and the email displayed a custom thumbnail. Not sure what the difference is between them.

Great progress!


Scheduling was reported as a small bug and should now be good to go!


We will try it again, have you looked at the placement of the Videos?? This issue is on and off.

I want the new videos published to go First on the list and not when they order they were uploaded, this would mean that we will have to delete over 20 Videos. This is how YouTube and Amazon work.


I know it’s something they are looking at.


perhaps I’m underestimating the problem

Is this something more than a simple display in your user panel?

I’ve not reported it as I do prioritize and this seemed like a shuffle back problem


@Robert, it is a problem, I uploaded a Video yesterday, it came up in the order it was uploaded. We shoot Videos and Upload them, sometimes due to Embargos, we can’t release the Videos until the manufacturer gives us the green light, but they are ready to release, we would want them to come up first, not seventh or even later on the list of videos!! Example is that Ruger .17 HMR Rifle, they just released it, but we shot the Video at the end of October, we edited and had it ready to roll back then, but we had to wait until Ruger gave me the green light. The same reality goes with other firearms. Yesterday, we had to delete the Inland 1911 and re upload it so It would be first on the list and not seventh!! We shouldn’t have to do this with 20 videos!!


Was that video one on a schedule and ended up being published instead?


You want to see an example??

I just released the Install of some accessories on the Tac-13, it’s Sixth on the list!! Just released it!!!
I want the Dang Video first!!!


Dave is out today, so we will have to live with this, he’s got the Videos to upload again!! We are often on the field and we can’t upload the day of release
This will hurt our Views and YOUR income!!


It was the Video first now, we had to delete the Video and upload it again!! That is a pain, today we are releasing another V3 Tac 13 Video and it’s number 6 and NOT number one!! Dave is on the field on a shoot, he can’t delete the Videos and Upload them again, so it will remain Number 6 until he can do something or you guys fix this bug!! This will hurt views!!


Slow wayyy down

First, I sent a PM earlier and explicitly said not to reply, you replied, so I have to look at your understanding of what you’re doing as a potential problem

I also need to view and digest one thing at a time

so, you say you just uploaded this video, correct?

It says it was uploaded on the 20th

IF, we are discussing scheduling problems then I believe those are fixed and we may be past this,

but I need you to slow down, double check your work, read things, double check, then report, and report in a manner that i can digest, please pick this up in a PM to finish up


Publish date is how you want the videos listed, not uploaded. I too have many videos that were uploaded sometimes months ago. When you publish it the video doesn’t show up on the most recent videos, and that hurts the views


I can’t seem to upload a custom thumbnail for an existing video. I can select one of the screen shots that have been selected from the rendered video though.


It’s being worked on.