FULL30 Beta Roll out


Thanks. Thought I saw that up above but wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be fixed by now.


Bigger fish to fry. But they will get it.


Totally get it. Thanks!


@Robert, @Tactical_Reviews, THAT is the problem!!!

We edit, and upload, to be published later!! When we publish, we want that Video to be first on the list, that is the way it used to be and that is the way it happens in YouTube!!!

We often get told when to publish by the Manufacturers when we have a Video in Embargo, and often when we get notice, we have to publish on moments notice, if we get notice and we have to upload, that is NOT good!! We just want to press Publish and have it be first!! IT DOES hurt views!! A WHOLE LOT!! This latest installation Video we published Saturday is Languishing here and Thriving on YouTube, it’s sixth here, First on Youtube!! THAT makes a HUUUUUUUGE Difference!!

I just scheduled a Video for 0400 tomorrow, I hope it publishes and I hope is not tenth or something like that, otherwise it will suffer!!



@Robert, The Scheduling worked perfectly and the new Video came up first, and it shows, it’s blazing through views and it’s surpassing YouTube, the way I wanted to see it!! It is Number one on my page too!! That is what matters!!


I don’t see new videos and videos are appearing for me on a loop.

See how the rows are duplicated? And I don’t see any of those new videos you’re showing in your screenshot Robert.

It happens on chrome while I’m logged in and while I’m logged out on an incognito browser.


Thats bizzare, I do not have that at all…

I’ll report it, so Chrome, no cookies with the incognito I imagine, windows OS or?

have you selected “new”



Chrome, incognito mode, Mac OS.

I’m on full30.com and full30.com/new


Reported, have to image Mac related but don’t know, hope theres a Mac for HQ to test :man_shrugging:


my only complaint is there is no “auto refresh” once the video has finished, I have to hit ESC or clcik the video window which closes the full window but restarts the video.


@brianpurkiss can you try a windows PC?


I don’t have one. These days the OS generally doesn’t make much of a difference.

But I checked again and it seems to be working fine. A bunch of videos popped up that weren’t there previously. And I’ve had repeated sequences of video thumbnails pretty consistently since launch and I don’t see that anymore.

I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it pops back up.


hmm, lets hope those gremlins ran off for good


I think the gremlins i had are gone, now the last thing I need is Custom Thumbnails and I’m good to go!!

Being able to schedule and have the scheduled video come first on my list made a HUUUUUGE difference on my numbers for this Video, the one that got stuck in sixth place is sucking wind!! I will have Dave reload it again sometime tomorrow or Wednesday and give it another try!!


Happy New Year to all!!


Thumbnails in emails have stopped working again. :-/


@brianpurkiss, My Email had a Thumbnail this morning, it went out at 0400


Guys, Second Scheduled Video and it worked, it got published, the email went out automatically and it’s number one on my list, it appeared in the order it was published and not the order it was uploaded, this is all we wanted and it works again!! THANKS!!


Did you get your custom thumbnails working? I have one video that will let me upload a custom thumbnail but the others that I have checked… they don’t give me the option.