FULL30 Beta Roll out


This happened to me a few times in the past. Delete the video and reupload it. The last video I did, which was last Friday I think took only a few minutes to process.


you guys are probably still working on it… But I saw on one of my videos that I could upload a custom thumbnail and I got…


Sorry partner, but you’ve run into some trouble. You might try refreshing the page. If that doesn’t work, rest assured that one of our compadres has already been alerted to the problem and is likely riding to the rescue now. Of course, you can always contact support to tell us what happened, and we’ll get things sorted just as soon as possible.


Any of these need to be reported with links, and after refreshing and maybe waiting a minute or so depending what, some things longer



Funny. I went back in to get the link… and now the option to upload a thumbnail is gone.


I just checked and still see it



did get the 500 - Web Site Error so I’ll see if I can get help


Its already being addressed


I uploaded a custom thumbnail this morning and it worked.


That was before someone fired a phaser at a gremlin and missed, hitting a Jem’Hadar and causing him to in turn fire back and hitting the power button on the Tetryon cannon, it went off and the force field around the custom thumbnail button went down, luckily it was only on the stun setting and nothing was permanently damaged, should be stabilized shortly.



you know… on this video I can (and have) do a custom thumbnail

but this video it does not let me do a custom thumbnail.


This is all im getting now.


Can you give us some information as to what you’re trying to do? A link to the video perhaps. I just tried on my phone on my channel and videos displayed fine.


Any recent updates?

Or in need of any?

I’m good as well but no phone


Thats just what happens when i try to go to the video side. No particular video just my new opening page


Is it still doing it? Post a link to your channel and I’ll see if it does it on my end.


If you connect to a wifi will it work then?


It use to look like this. My book mark took me straight to it. Ill copy that and put it up next.


If you connect to a wifi will it work then?




No wifi on the road lol