FULL30 Beta Roll out


Never had to before


despite working before there’s some issues where wifi works and cell doesn’t and vice versa

search “website works on wifi but not 4g” and you’ll find a few fixes

otherwise an update on your phone might help

I’ve very doubtful its a site issue


The link you posted is the main Full30 page.


Guys, the system is Fucking Up again!! I released a Video today and it’s 17th on the page!! WTF?? We take one step forward and three steps backwards!!!

Now, we need to upload the Video again!! This is NOT good for me or you!!! Viewership gets hurt when people don’t see new videos at the top!!


With a very few exceptions, Full30 has many more views than Youtube, but when shit like this happens, it dies here!! 18 Views here to 150 on YouTube!! I don’t get views, you don’t get views!!


We’re going to have to re do the video again, so it can be number one, in the order we released them!! We can do something this week, NOT next week, I’m going to be at SHOT and we won’t be able to mess with it, we will just lose views left and right!!


I am still not able to upload thumbnails. It only allows me to choose a screenshot.


Click on choose screen shot, and it should be right on top.



Funny what happens when your new Video is number one… IT GETS VIEWED!!!

We had to delete the Video and Upload it again!!

Guys, you need to fix this!! I’ll be at SHOT next week, I won’t be able to do this!! We have three Videos slated for next week!!


I was going to mention that fact that the M37 was up a couple hours ago Yamil


The video went up, but it came in 17th on the list, once we re uploaded it, it was first, it started to get traction!! Go figure!! People rarely search down the list for videos, they want to se the latest, NUMBER ONE!!


I’m sure the programmers will fix the issue.


I understand the frustration, but things are very hectic.


I know they are hectic, the issue had been solved and it came back again!!

I want the Videos to show up in the order they are published, NOT the order they have been uploaded.

Like I said before, this is how it works on YouTube and used to work here.

It had been working great for a couple of weeks, then Friday, it didn’t.

Go figure.


What is that site?

I saw the Beta yesterday when i was checking on new vodeos.

Very cool. I am just glad to be here in these early days to be able to see it!


I know. Thats the problem. It goes to the main page now instead of my page and wont do anything. I cant even sign in.


Ok heres is an update. I select the bookmark that use to take me to my video profile it gives me this…

I can scroll but it shows nothing and i can select nothing. So i typed into the address bar www.full30.com/gunarchy and i got this…

But from here i could select stuff…

So i selected my profile and got to it…

But i had to scroll down to it because this is on top now…

I can select stuff here too…
So i select videos but it takes me right back to this…

Where i can do nothing again.




I have it bookmarked again now. The big problem is still the same tho. It takes me to a video section that wont let me see or select anything.


find your way to a wifi and go to the site, see if it displays, check for updates to your phone etc

no one else is reporting this issue but plenty of issues are found with websites and 4g lte networks