FULL30 Beta Roll out



I would appreciate that someone replied and told us they are working on it, it was fixed for a week or so and now it’s an issue again!! We can’t upload when we release, it takes often hours to Upload on Full30, while it takes minutes to upload on YouTube!!

I like it here better, but OMG, what a Pain in the Ass!!


Might not be true, IDK, at this time my hands on assistance/ability here is limited to the forum.

@rchanlin the same for you, the problem you have seems to be limited to you..again, IDK , & I've had no further response since asking for someone to verify (if possible)

I don’t use windows 10, Chrome, Edge or FF so its really beyond my guessing,
I’ve only used Opera since IE5 became useless and only updated to W7 when XP did the same.

perhaps try opera?

If you do and it does not work I’d guess you have a network block or configuration issue, again, a guess.

(insert appropriate emoji here)



I honestly appreciate the position you’re in, but I would like you to share our frustration with the team!!

We’re having to do work twice!! We’re Uploading, releasing, Deleting and Uploading again!!

It doesn’t matter when we upload, it appears wherever the system wants!! We need new Videos to be FIRST on the list, NOT 7th!! Or even 2nd!!

We are both very frustrated!!


Sounds like you’d benefit from uploading, then manually making them active vs auto, a 4/5/6 hour delay
vs the troubles you have doesn’t sound worth trying to be a few hours earlier,

especially when earlier just means buried by the producers that post a few hours after you.

so, rather than auto post at 12am do a manual at 5/6/7am when you get up in the order you want.


We might have to do that then, we upload and automate everything on YouTube!!


All my latest videos have been uploaded and published on the spot. I’ve not tried scheduling since the upgrade. We will keep trying to get this worked out.


I would like for my favorite channels to be at the top when I open the page. That way I don’t have to scroll past yours to find them .


I want my new Videos to be First on MY Page, I honestly couldn’t care less where they are on the main page, I only care about MY page!! I want this group to flourish, but this issue is making it hard for us to get views if when I put a new Video, it pops up 17th on my own page!! That doesn’t help any of us content creators!! And adds more work for us, doing stuff over and over again to position new Videos on the correct order.

And, you don’t have to view my videos if you don’t want to, that is what makes this country great!! We choose what to watch, listen or read!!


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BTW, we have decided to stop uploading Videos prior to release until we are completely sure this issue has been resolved!! too much work for little or no reward!! When the new Videos show up out of order, it hurts ALL of us!! I won’t make money, YOU won’t make money!!


Tried uploading four Videos today… Totally unsuccessful!!! They got stuck and after hours of waiting, we just gave up!! This is NOT good guys!!


we still need some form of where to complain and it’s thankless when you can only listen and not correct.


I have yet to be able to view any videos on the Beta. If this keeps up I assume that they don’t want me to see the videos and I will go somewhere else.


Can you post a link to a video that doesn’t work for you? That way I can check the video.


I would leave it be. We need a place to tell where issues are and who ever that is suppose to fix the issue can come see the complaints. We all want to see this platform grow grow and succeed. There will be growing pains but lack of communication from those in charge of fixing issues will not end with good results I’m afraid.


Look for another complaint 22 days from now,
he can’t be serious waiting so long to respond and not working with us to figure it out

speaking of which

@rchanlin did you try Opera?

seems it may be related to this and be a windows 10 issue, but, IDK



I use firefox and chrome on windows 10 on two different computers, both run videos without issue. I can also test on linux if needed and older versions of Windows. This is why if someone has an issue, please include a link so I/we can check to ensure it’s not an issue on the server side.