FULL30 Beta Roll out


I have been in contact with Full30, and this is part of the message I’ve received.

We’ve been making some major personnel changes at F30, so I understand that it has been frustrating for everyone on all sides. We have a new team being trained to start up on solving these beta issues and the video upload issues. Unfortunately we’re in a strange in-between place right now

I really apologize for all the issues, I want you to know that it’s heard and that I am keeping track of all complaints and comments, and I am working hard for y’all and pushing to get fixes in place.

The person I’m talking to is having a meeting with one of the owners today to address these issues as well as getting me more involved. Hoping @Robert will also be moved up.

Please understand that we are working on the issues here.


Sounds good. I know this has to be a ton of work. Just hope the can get the right people in the right places. Communication is key


Correct. Robert and I are doing all we can.


I’m still not seeing thumbnails of videos in emails. I see the other images so images are working, just not the video thumbnail itself.

Multiple computers, multiple browsers, and smartphones.


Yep, they know about this one. Because the new programming team is getting trained, it’s going to take a bit. Once I have someone to talk to in that area we should have better answers.


Guys, this issue of when you release a video and it doesn’t come up at number one on your own page is hurting views!! We tried to upload again last night and today and we couldn’t, it got stuck!! It sucks when a good video is uploaded and it comes in third or fourth on the list, this video is doing better on Gunstreamer!! We don’t have more than 4 subscribers there, it’s being viewed more than here, guess what, it’s first on my list there!! When things were working well, my videos beat YouTube, since this issue is going on, NOT that much!! When we re upload and release first on the list, it outperforms YouTube!! 3rd and 4th, NOT at all!! The not getting a thumbnail on the Emails is not bothering me much, at least I can send emails!! This is hurting me and YOU!!


Make sure and tell Austin that Robert says hello and congratulate him for me on his new program, you’re welcome to post gunstreamer video’s here until we have things working efficiently for you.

Until then, the nail has been hammered, horse has been kicked, spare yourself any further complaints, we know.


Carefull Robert he has no since of humor about this . It is costing him money!


I cannot even log on to the video site as all I get is a pale grey spinning arrow. Nothing works at all. I am on a windows PC running Explorer 11. Only the forum works as you can tell from my reply.


I’m going to guess the problem is explorer 11. I just loaded up that browser and I get nothing for videos. Is your Java up to date? That could be it. Can you try installing either Firefox or Chrome? Both of those work


edge works too
don’t have internet explorer to even check


I’ve maybe used it 10 time since 1998.


@Robert, we can’t even upload new Videos!! They stall and won’t go up!! Dave is using Chrome, but I will have him send me new Videos and I will try to upload new Videos from here on Firefox.


Is there a problem, I can’t upload, Videos are getting stuck Processing for hours on end!!




Please be patient. I know it’s hard but it’s being worked on. Robert and I are just the people in the middle. I, as I’m sure Robert have passed on all issues.


We will be patient, the sad thing is, by the time this is all resolved, we won’t be able to publish all these SHOT Show Videos we shot, they will be completely irrelevant!! We are currently publishing 1-2 SHOT Videos a day, not here of course…


Good point, somebody high up wasnt thinking things through when they decided to do these updates right after SHOT, no offense to Full30 but that seems a to be less than optimal timing.


The update was before shot. They got dragged out because of the programming team. It’s being addressed. When i get home I’ll see if there’s any updates. I don’t have that email set up on my phone


FYI I just tried firefox and it works there. However, I want to be able to use Explorer.