FULL30 Beta Roll out


Just want to know how are people getting payed for content on full30 ?Is it really enough to continualy post about it or would it be better to find somthing else to do with your time.


I make about the same as I did on screwtube, with far less subscribers, and fewer views. I guess going from about 50 cents CPM to $8.50 CPM makes a big difference.


I just noticed the new IV8888 video is also in 480p. This isn’t good. It only looks good if the video is so small that its hard to see. Full screen 480p on a 24" monitor is grainy as heck. Seems that Youtube (who rabidly hates guns) is the only full service video platform right now. Gunstreamer does not do live streams, and Full30 is currently 480p, and only lets a select few creators host videos there. Also no streaming that I’m aware of on Full 30. Streaming is quickly becoming the most popular thing among gun content channels and viewers. This is all frustrating.



I did some experiments today and here are my results.

The first upload, bottom image, 1920x1080px30 It uploaded, but failed to finish processing.

Second upload, middle image. 720x480x30. It also uploaded, but failed to finish processing.

Third upload, top image. 1280x720x30. It also uploaded and finished processing in a very short period of time.

Video showed up in correct place on new video list.

Here is the video, it all worked.


you post correct?



That’s what Full30 is sending out. What I listed above is what I rendered the videos in and uploaded them. Not sure why that would have an effect, but it did,


interesting test, and result…

thanks, perhaps it will help others


I hope so. Bottom line, with the settings at 1280x720x30 the video uploaded, processed, and showed up in the correct location on the list.


@Tactical_Reviews, when things were working well here, I had higher views here that YouTube, but when things started screwing up, it went downhill fast!! What tipped the scale was my Tac 13 Video, it hit 500K views on YouTube in about 3 weeks, doubled our subscribers in that time too. Now, not being able to upload here, it’s bad!! All my SHOT Show Videos that are doing great on YouTube and Gunstreamer can’t be uploaded here and by the time things are fixed, they’re totally meaningless, these are perishable videos.

Re rendering to 480 is time consuming and they look like ass on a Computer!! I don’t want to show our hard work in 480P after hours of lighting, shooting and editing!!


1280x720x30 is the format that worked for me.


Just uploaded another video today in 1280x720x30 format, it uploaded without issue, it processed really fast, and showed up in the correct place in the new video list.


@Tactical_Reviews, that is good information, but…

Big BUTT, we would have to render two of every Video and that is NOT possible at this time, Dave is busy with REAL paid work and I can’t have him doing two of every Video.

Please let us know when you’re back up running normally again!! Until then, we can’t do this!!


Dave was able to upload 1920x1080 Video today, it’s old, from SHOT Show, I don’t know if it will bring any views now that it’s over a week old!!


Still being able to Upload at full resolution, still going up in odd order, but going up!! I’ll take that over order!!


Forgive me if I got this wrong, you’re gun stock reviews, right? Hard to keep everyone straight. I just looked at the list and you are in the top 4 new video spots. So as of right now, the issue is working, perhaps not perfect, but you’re hitting the top spot as you should with a new video. I did pass on the issue you had been having. I hope this means it’s been corrected. I will try 1920x1080px30 on my next video to make sure it’s all working right, but so far from your uploads, it’s looking good. I’m not as concerned about 1280x720x30 because it maintains the same aspect ratio.


LOL, yep, I’ve struggled with that and I’m sure disappointed a few of our celebrities by not knowing who they were,

BTW Yamil found his twin


That played earlier, now doesn’t, anyone else?


Just tried it, works fine.


I have a user agent switcher, tried a few, no go, did a restart, works now,

I was able to get older videos to play, not recent

but the restart worked