FULL30 Beta Roll out


@Tactical_Reviews, it was working well this morning, but it’s down again, we tried three videos and they all crashed. These Videos are already old SHOT Show news, we wanted to hit early, but we couldn’t!!

YEs, I am Gun Stock Reviews.


@Robert, It works for me, on Safari!!


@Robert, Morris is my brother from another Mother!!


Back to not being able to load!!


Ohh so no 1080P content right now? I’ve been wondering why I can’t upload…


I just replied to your PM to me. Let me know if that works.


We’re able to upload at 1080P, but it displays at 480P, but it sometimes crashes!!


@Robert, @Tactical_Reviews:

Guys, we’re back uploading again, but when we try to select a Thumbnail, it gives us an error!!

I’m grateful to be able to upload again, but we DO need a Thumbnail!! Not the first frame of the video, they will all look the same!!


I’m sure they’re working on it.


@Tactical Reviews, Please ask them, I don’t want five Videos with the same Thumbnail!!


What the hell guys 12 videos from the same guy !I guess the squeaky wheel gets all the attention .


@Robert, @Tactical_Reviews

Thumbnails are working again!!!



If you’re talking about me, all these videos are now old, they are almost Stinkers because they’re so old, they have been up in YouTube and GunStreamer for over a week. Uploading was broken here, we finally did what we wanted to do a week ago/


Yes I was . I hope you understand that I am just playing with you .And it might help keep your problems with the system on thier minds.


We complain, but when things go right, we sure thank them and let them know!!

We are cool now!! Things are working right and we are getting caught up in the uploads!!


seems to be - my inbox was spammed by something called GUNSTOCKREVIEWS:


Everything works for my on Full 30 EXCEPT for the videos! I still don’t know what is going on.


What is not working?


I suspect you will have to switch from explorer to edge.


even email thumbnail