FULL30 Beta Roll out


I had a weird deal last week, showed, then didn’t, I did a restart and they worked again :headache:

Opera browser


We put up all the SHOT Show Videos we couldn’t put up for a week. IF we didn’t, they would stink like fish!! The SHOT Show Videos are perishable, they’re worthless after a week or so, they’re not news anymore. Nobody would watch after a week or so, they were doing great on YouTube, but I wasn’t able to upload here until later in the week.


Good content is never worthless


Nobody wants to know that Dewey lost…


uh huh, I said good content, not any mention of politics :nauseated_face:


Even though most of what I covered on SHOT Show was my preference, some of it was already covered by others!! In that case, when I was the only one covering a product, it’s not perishable, I will do MUCH better reviews when I get the product.


Oh ya, I remember now. The issue is on your end, Explorer is either not supported or is not up to date on your side. Make sure Java is up to date. There’s nothing that can be done on the server side that I’m aware of.


actually I do considering I have a kids toy / souvenir with his name on it.


Im still watchimg shot ahow videos for 2017 every now and then. Like robert said if its quality video the videos will never be useless. Now i got to go binge watch all your shot videos


Thanks, I hope you do, we were honestly worried that folks wouldn’t want to see SHOT Videos if they went up too late!!


Half the products wont hit the marked for months maybe a year later so with the right hashtags i watch a ton of older videos


thumbnails worked


Things have changed for the most part, when products are announced now, they’re already hitting the Distribution Channels, at least with the Big Gun Companies that is!!


Looks like videos are not processing at this time. I tried both 1920x1080 and 1280x720 and neither has finished.


whole up/down might be shtf at the moment/


We have ran into the same issue


I was able to get it all to work last night.