FULL30 Beta Roll out


To my knowledge you are the only one thats posted this particular error, you say the front page had changed but I had to go down a bout 40 videos to find one of yours, thats when I combed through your videos and their posted dates, none were a recent upload, they all reflected in order

This or anything error related needs to be documented in a manner that we can see for me to be able to help you.

So, for the next couple weeks please do a screen capture when you post so when they post irregularly you have something to compare, also, in the snip have the date and URL showing



I can do that. We have proven over and over again, when we put up a new Video and it comes up first on our page, it will do MUCH better than when we put up a Video and comes up 6th on the page.

Right now the video has 24 views, if we delete it and put it up again, where it comes out where it’s supposed to be, first, it will do MUCH better!! A well performing video helps all of us, WE BOTH get more views and more money!! There has to be a way to make videos come up first according to the day of Publication and NOT the day of Upload. What is funky is that this has been on and off since the Beta Version, it was working fine in the past!!

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FYI, I went to the Front Page, the Video I put today is WAAAAY the hell down, even behind the Video I posted Friday!! NOW that is NOT good either!!

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These all appear to be in order with the most recent being uploaded on 02/15/2019

so yes, please screen capture for awhile when you do an upload

make sure that date is in the snip

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Yes, but that is NOT the order we released them!!

THIS is the Order we released them!!

And that is my issue, we used to upload Videos and release them and they would appear in order of Release, heck, it did last week!!

We can’t always be there to Upload and release the same day, I’ve already explained this before, we often shoot Videos, but we are under NDA and Embargo NOT to release the Videos until the Embargo is over!! That is the way most everyone works!! The VR80 Shotgun was sent to us in November, but Embargo was until December 15th, some of us released at Midnight. But we had uploaded days before, for convenience!! This is a convenience we had until Beta came along!! Then the whole system went KAKA!! How difficult is it to have the videos appear in the order of release?? YouTube does it and you guys used to do it in the past, no longer the case.

BTW, the MOST RECENT was today, the BRN-22 at the Range… I released it this morning. As you can see, it’s NOT first, but 6th!! Languishing with only 38 Views, 120 Views on Facebook, normally, when we release a Video and it appears first here, or on the Main Page, it crushes YouTube, when this happens, the Video becomes a DUD!! THAT is NOT the way to make money!! Trust me!! This is a way to make a Video into a Dud!! I want to make money, I want YOU to make money!! Remember, we have other jobs, Dave has a Video Business, I have a Photo Business, I write for Magazines. Dave does all the Video Shooting, Editing and Uploading, I manage releases. Like I said in the past, we can’t be there uploading the day of release, especially with all the Upload issues we have faced in the past few weeks. This issue can’t be that hard to fix, just make it the same way it was before!!

About posting Upload Screen Shots, we can’t always do that, if we upload a Video under Embargo, we would violate a word we gave a manufacturer if we did that, that is why some companies like Colt and S&W makes us sign a Legal Document when they invite us to Press Events, they want us to keep a secret!! And we honor that secret!! It’s our business.



Stop right there, stick with facts, leave out ranting

where did you get that screen shot, thats not helping me, I need to see the whole page, date, title, url

then I can begun to understand your complaint.



@Robert, that is the YOuTube Screenshot They were uploaded the same day, they were release the same day


I want my Videos to appear in the order they were released, like they used to be!! Is that simple!!

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Your youtube screenshots are no help, stick to FULL30 screenshots and timeline of events and we can work towards a resolve :+1:

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I put Screenshots yesterday, Monday’s Video is BEHIND Friday’s Video, NOT in front of it!!

The BRN Stock should be in front of the Scout Rifle and NOT Five spots behind it!!!



THIS isa the way I released them!! THAT is the way they should be up!! The way it used to be!!

The way I look at it, in order to perform here, WE need to work for Full30, NOT the other way around!! NOBODY looks at Video Number 6 on my list or on the Main Page, they look at Video NUMBER ONE, maybe 2 or 3!!

Right now, yesterdays video is number 70 on the main page It has a whopping 39 views, it was NEVER number one there. Because it appears BEHIND Friday’s Video.

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still need the rants to stop, they don’t help, simplify

that video shows an upload date of the 8th

but you had it set to release just yesterday, is this correct?

Your complaint is you would like the release date to be reflected on your recent uploads page when in fact the upload date is reflected,

Is this the complaint and what needs to be addressed?

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Yes, we can’t upload the Day of Release, we work on Videos for later release, some Videos for example, the DM Remington Shotguns, we shot the Videos in August, Edited them and Uploaded them, we released them the day Remington told us to, it was December 5th!! The Videos need to appear in the order they are released, NOT the Order they are Uploaded, the way it used to be!! We want the Video that was released Yesterday, to show up AFTER the Video that was released Friday, NOT Six spots behind it!! Am I making sense here?? I want to be able to explain myself correctly here!!

So, on the main page, if Yesterday Video appears on Spot 30, that is NOT Fair to me, just because I uploaded it on Feb 8th!! I released it yesterday!!

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No, you’re ranting, stop.

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How do you want me to put it??


Friday Feb 15 Video Video SHOULD BE Behind Monday Feb 18 Video…

NOT Six spots behind it!!

The way it used to be!!

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Yes, I want you to put it simple

here’s simple,

your recent uploads as I see them right now

chronologically in order.

so, if you have a view that shows the 18th? and shows it out of date “order” then post that view.


if you want videos to show by release date vs upload date then say simply.

“I’d like videos to show by release date please, not upload date”

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I’m on the road all day, but that is NOT THE ORDER I RELEASED THEM

I want the videos to appear the order of release, the way it used to be before he Beta

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I don’t want them the order of upload, but order of release, like YouTube and the easy it used to happen here



Thank you for your valued input, I will ut in your request and notify you when I have a response.

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Robert needs a FULL screen shot, not just a cut and paste of it. That way he has the URL, the date, and time all clearly in the image. To get to the bottom of the issue we need ALL information. Doing so helps us move the information on quicker to the people who will fix it. When information is lacking the programming team is going to ask. Which means that question comes down the pipe until we have to ask you. Then wait for an answer and move it back up the pipe. This is all wasted time. We’re doing all we can to correct this.



The Proof is in the Pudding, we re uploaded the Video today again, about the same time we did the same one one yesterday

The new Video featured number one on my page and stayed Number one on the Main page for a while

It has DOUBLE the Views in half the time as the same Video, which goes to show you, when a Video comes in where it’s supposed to be, it does great, when it comes in 60th on the main page, it sucks wind!!

My request is simple, very simple

We want our videos to appear in the order of release, like it used to be!! We are not asking for something new, it used to be that way. That is no longer the case. Due to how we shoot videos, we are not always able to upload videos the day of release. Sometimes, manufacturers release us from Embargo at some very odd times of the day. We want our videos here to be as ground breaking as they are on YouTube. Actually , MORE!! When do do a new product, we often get called in the middle of the day and say, guess what, the Video you were supposed to release next week, well now you can release today. It happened to me in late 2017 with the Remington DM Shotguns, I was at the Ruger event when the PC Carbine and the Security 9 were unveiled to the Media, that evening I got an Email from Remington saying Release the Shotguns, I was all uploaded on YouTube and we did… The same thing happened with the Security 9, the PC Carbine was a totally different Story, we were shooting the Video and I got an email saying release today!! I was like, SHIT, we finished the Video, drove home and Dave had to do a quick Edit, we were almost 24 hours late, we still got over 100K Views on it, and we only had like 1K subscribers then. We need to be able to Upload and release when necessary.

This test clearly shows that being Number one on both lists matter!!