FULL30 Beta Roll out


No screenshots no proof.



My video was uploaded about three hours ago and still listed first.



Too late now, I was out all day doing legal shit.

Tomorrow a new Video drops, we will see what happens

This is my Page now

IT is no longer on the New Videos, I don’t know why

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I have your recent now in 6th in order, as presented in Dan’s screen shot - and the above (yours) screen shot does not compare to what I see at this moment



That’s what I said, it changes every time someone loads a new video I think, or something else, it’s no longer on page one, I don’t know why.

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it’s on page 1 sixth place



this video has been posted twice - today and a couple days ago

and new but scrolled back



OK, I’m doing some experiments. Below is a list of the categories that are giving me an error when I try to save the video.
Sounding board
Long guns
Gear and accessories

All sections worked, but it didn’t matter which section you had, the same categories gave an error.

Also, if they could add a reloading category, as well as a gunsmithing area, that would be great.

Also as part of this experiment, the video I just loaded about Lee progressive press problems is scheduled to be published tomorrow morning around 6:30am I will have to check where it falls on the new video list at that time.

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OK, New Video, comes out fourth on My Page

And it is NOT listed on the New Videos



The new Video shows 110th on the New Videos Page!! That is a Video that I just released 5 minutes ago!! How are we going to make money on this effort. In order to get it seen, we will have to re Upload it. But guess what?? We can’t until later today, Dave is doing a Corporate Shoot today, so he is booked all day. This is why we rely on uploading when we have the time and releasing on our preset schedule.



The one in yellow is new? (4th)



YUP, Just released it!! Number one on YouTube and will be Number One on Gun Streamer as soon as they do their thing, it uploads automatically from YouTube. It is 110th, 28th Row on the New Videos.



Now proven that being number one and appearing high on the New Videos DOES make a difference

The Monday Video on the BRN-22 has 50 Views, the Tuesday version of the same Video has 150 Views, which was posted 24 hours later, but it was Number one on both my page and on the main page!!

Dave won’t be able to upload until tonight, I will meet him later today to shoot some more Videos.



So you uploaded it feb 8th and set it to release today?

we’ve been over this, I turned in your request to have them in order as of the release date.

I was reminded this is a BETA, there is no guarantee of a quick fix and you should plan accordingly until it is fixed,



Why is it what you’re seeing is different from what I’m seeing?



OK, here we go. The video in the first position of new videos was uploaded yesterday and scheduled to be published today. The video below it was uploaded yesterday and published right away. To me this looks like everything is working as it should.

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Interesting, have the ability to do another and set it perhaps a week out?

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I’ll see what I can do, kind of a full next few days.

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@Tactical_Reviews, I don’t know, I don’t run the website!!

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It was uploaded whenever and released yesterday, EXACTLY the same way we did in YouTube and we used to do it here before Beta!!

BTW, Beta should be that, Beta, NOT Public Release. Apple releases IOS and OS in Beta form to those who want to do it, NOT to the General Public. They still have hiccups, but lately, General Release of IOS and OSX have been quite stable, I never upgrade right away anyway, in Full30 case, we didn’t have a choice whether to remain on the other system, it just changed to Beta and problems started.

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