FULL30 Beta Roll out


IMHO, Upload Date should be meaningless!! RELEASE DATE is what counts!! Not everyone has time to sit there and hope the new Video that only YOU have will even be able to be uploaded!! We work in a totally different timeline!!

BTW, being #1 here is HUUUGE!! This particular Video, the one of the BRN-22, has done 3X beter here than in YouTube!! This is what I want!!

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Yes, we do know this.

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It was all harmless ranting until he compared us to Apple, that was just mean and rude



I can view the Forum, but not videos.



We’re going to need a bit more information to help you here.

Can you view some, or non at all.
Is it just F30 videos?
What browser you using?
What operating system
PC, tablet, or phone





Older Video, First on my Page, First on the Main Page and Thumbnail on the E-Mail!!!




I’ve been an Apple user since late 1981, when my University got a couple of Apple II’s, like the stuff, but just about had it with their Liberal Bullshit!!

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I knew that was an insult, congrats on things working, whats a thumbnail? :grin:



One of my teachers from College used to draw a Bloody Thumb with a Roofing Nail stuck in it!!

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BTW, YouTube is populated by assholes!!!

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I spoke too soon, New Video came out 40th on my page, too far down to show you in Screen Shot!!

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yep,I seen it and was prepared, a bit let down, I expected more of a blasting/rant

but, the thumbnail showed, so its still an improvement



This Bug needs to be fixed, Dave is at home today editing, so he can re upload it, you will see a complete difference in performance when it’s number one!! Friday’s Video CRUSHED the same Video on YouTube!! I mean CRUSHED!!! 5:1!!! This is what I mean, this is what we are!! Once this issue if COMPLETELY fixed, it will make everyone grow!!

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yep, you’re getting screwed on views, and given the grouping with that TRP we should be more concerned :wink:

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27:9, yes, it should be much higher here!! The Previous Video did so much better while being number one!!

What I want to find out is the inconsistency!!

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Well, I uploaded the Video again!!

The Email didn’t have a Thumbnail!! This is what you guys need to fix, the inconsistency of the system!!

You don’t like it when you get compared to Apple, in order to prevent that, make it so the system is not this inconsistent!!

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And, why is it that my New video is NOT on the New Videos?? NOT at all!!

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Friday’s Video is there twice, but Today’s Video, that I uploaded TWICE is NOT there

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I’m looking into it for you,



Thanks @Robert

IF the inconsistent system behavior gets fixed, we’re good to go, the problem is that we never know how the system is going to behave!!

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