FULL30 Beta Roll out


It’s amazing how well Videos perform when they appear in the right order on your page and on the main page!!



Full30 Beta? I’m sorry, but that sounds so… California soy.

How about Full30 Bravo instead?



LOL, Full30 and Soy Boy don’t go well together!!



We did our final test on a Video that was uploaded last week and released today, we then uploaded the Video again today!!

The same Video, who appears 140’s on the main page and 7th on our page has a whopping 11 Views.

The Same Video, first on our page and 3rd on the main page has 42 views now!!

This is definitive proof that being high on the list matters.

Please let us know when this issue has been properly addressed, so we can continue to upload Videos prior to release, like we used to do in the past and like we currently do it on YouTube!!

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Is there an issue uploading tonight??

@Robert?? @Tactical_Reviews???

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Nothing that I’m aware of.



The Video finally went up, it was stuck processing

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Hi, I’m using a desktop computer running Windows 10 Home. I can’t view any videos. I get a spinning circle, like it’s loading, but that could be running for an hour. I have cable, 50MB easy.

Using Internet Explorer 11.

The odd thing, is, this all started several months ago. So I have many emails from the people I subscribe to, that are waiting for me to view.

All the other videos I watch (you tube, etc. ) are running fine.

Maybe a troubleshooting tool, is, when the videos don’t work, I see the Full30 Beta on the top left. If I go to, say, the Form link on top of the screen, it takes me to the Form area, and the videos (adds) work fine. At that point, it doesn’t say Full 30 Beta, just Full 30.





@ jinmmyb I think your issue is with explorer and have you tried any other browser like chrome or Edge (which I do know work with Win10 Home and Full30)



Yep, the issue is internet explorer.

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Seems like thats reported all over, this may or may not help, if not theres a ton more when searching your terms


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I looked into that. From what I can tell, the guy had issues all the time. I just have issues trying to view a video from Full 30.

All else works fine…




You’re not the first to bring up issues with Internet explorer. Chrome and firefox both work.

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Riddle me this Batman…

I just released a Video, it was the Last Video Uploaded, it was the Last Video Released, but it came out Second on my list, and Second (Now Third) On the Main Page!!

Before, they were coming out in order of Release, now there’s no Rhyme or reason, they just appear wherever they want…

The Last Video released and Uploaded is the Handguard Installation…

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This is the Main Page…

I thought if we Uploaded them in the order we wanted them to appear, at the last moment, they would appear in that order, not in the order the system wanted them to appear…

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It’s hard to be positive when nothing works… You ask for help and Nothing happens!!

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Just be best

and remember, everyone always says it will be ok in the end, if its not ok, its not the end.

This to shall pass.



Thumbnails not on the emails as well😕



It’s hard to be the best when nobody sees your work!!