FULL30 Beta Roll out


Check further back on the list. I posted one I had uploaded a few weeks back and it was listed by upload date, not publish date.


That is what happened to me, but this one just disappeared, we had to upload it again!!


Looks like things are being worked on, but I noticed that in this manage videos format, clicking on the video will take you to the main Full30 page, not the video. The other format works fine. Keep up the great work guys.


Looks like that is the area they’re working on. Give them a little time. :+1:


Will do!! The one that got listed at Upload date not release date was the Remington Tac-13, and no notifications went out, this is the first video that YouTube has more views than here!! That sucks!! Full30 always has more views than YouTube!!


Did you click here? I haven’t tried it yet.


So it appears as though the transcoder function was overriding jobs that were the same size, so it was a crappy battle royale amongst all videos trying to upload for a while there. Also, we are playing with getting everything optimized for speed and ease of upload, so for now, we are only accepting 480p resolution which seems to be helping a ton


I don’t do the Uploading and channel maintenance, Dave does, but, that being said, in the past, we would get automatic Notifications when a new Video went up, that is no longer the case!!! Do we have to do that manually now??


For now that’s what it looks like.


I’ll have to re do that video I need online than.


yes, give it a try and please report back with how it goes


We get an error when we try to do Notify Subscribers!!


We did refresh it and it went through!!

I need a drink!!


I’m sure they guys at Full30 need a lot of drinks by now.


just got your notifications. Pour one for me too while youre at it lol


Cool, I got them too, I’m making another Batch of Puerto Rican EggNogg…


Laphroaig neat, 4 finger pour please haha. Half past noon is fine by me at this point


I’m a scotch guy. 12 year old Glenfidich is the best. I like more than the 16 and 18 year old.

I’m rendering that video in 480p right now. I have the original 1080p uploading again, will send the 480p shortly, its at 73% rendered. Will post my findings.


Looks like you were successful @Tactical_Reviews! Video plays back great on safari and chrome


mobile as well. do anything differently? did it behave differently or anything? as many details as possible would be tremendously helpful