FULL30 Beta Roll out


OK, here’s what I’ve found. The 1080p video uploaded, and is working fine. I was able to pick a thumbnail picture, however, I can’t locate a upload custom thumbnail option. I got everything to work and it’s published. Also, every video I publish ends up as the channel trailer even though I’m not clicking the option.

As for the 480p version. I get an error.

Beyond this, the large icon screen in manage videos goes to the Full30 main page, even though it displays the correct URL for the video.

If I click notify subscribers. I get an 500-web site error once I click Email.

Hope this helps you narrow down the places to look. Let me know if you want me to try anything else.


ONly other thing to add is the thumbnail I choose doesn’t show up on manage videos. It does however show up correctly on my channel page.


GREAT info! Thank you very much


I’m not able to replicate the large icon redirect issue. Is that still happening?


Published videos work with the large icons.

Drafts go to the Full30 main page.

The video I just published gives a 404 not found error.


ok, I’ve got the team on fixing that as well


Thanks guys, I know you’re working hard on this issues, Have you looked at the Sharing to Facebook Interface yet??

On Safari, I have to click share, then click share on the other window and then reload and then share again!!

I share my videos to Three pages, my Timeline and about eight Groups.


I see the same issue on Google chrome. I’m sure they’ll get to it. For now I’m just manually copying the link for FB and Twitter.


With the new version I am still unable to upload video from iPad. I get the following error:

I have verified that the file is an H.264 codec in a .MP4 container. This is the same error as in the past. Not sure if it is even a priority. I am sure most creators are using a Mac or PC, not an iPad.


OK, Houston, we have a problem!!

NONE of my Videos are Playing!! NONE!!!

Some of the links that I shared on Facebook before are going to the Main page and not to the Videos I shared!!

This is NOT Good!! No wonder my Channel is losing views and YouTube is beating it without even me advertising my Videos there!!


Now only the older Videos are not playing!!


Might be some changes being made right now. I checked a few of my videos and they work. Remind me again what channel is yours and I’ll see if they work on my end.


Gun Stock Reviews

For example, this Video is not playing and the link for it when I share it is dead


This one is dead too


Just sent up a flare





I checked my newest video, and it worked. I then tested my channel trailer, it worked up to 56 seconds of the 78 total and locked. Give it a little time, frustrating I know.


The BR9 on mine won’t play at all on Safari!!