FULL30 Beta Roll out



Taking a look into this now. Everything seemed to be testing well at the end of the day yesterday. I’ll attempt to replicate this and see what the problem could be


Thanks, I’m sharing these Videos and folks can’t get to them!!


While we have you here, any word on channel stats, such as monitized earnings? I understand it’s a bit less critical at the moment. Just wondering.


On my to do list today as well. Yesterday was basically eaten up by testing the uploading capabilities. Good news is that by the end of the day I was able to get a 50min video uploaded and published in just under 7min with repeatable results, which I’m sure everyone is aware is a vast improvement over the previous hit or miss setup




Is that at 480P??


Well done. I know the limit was 30 mins and 5gig. Yesterday I got a 23 minute video, 2.24gig at 1080p uploaded.


Yesterday I got a 1080p uploaded.


Nice, we want to do that!! We would rather be functional than speed!!


@Tactical_Reviews @yrsued the way mark explained it to me yesterday is that the transcoder is set up to push out all videos at 480p regardless of the original file’s resolution. Its all wizardry to me, so I just let him do his thing and take his word for it. We did see an error on a video upload that was done in 360p, but I believe it was unrelated to the resolution and was caused by some other factor.


Let us know about the resolution thing. If 480p is what everything goes out as regardless of what is uploaded. I see little need to render videos at 1080p, The video I uploaded yesterday I rendered in both, 1080p=2.24gig and 480p=400meg. Huge size difference. Makes for faster rendering on my computer, faster uploads, faster processing on your end, and smaller storage as well.


Cool, thanks!!

And I think our channel is back up and working again!! WOO-Hoo!!!


Great question we render at 1080P too!!


My studio computer as fast, 8 core 4.3gig, but 1080p still takes a while.


Confirmed with Mark, they all get transcoded at 480 for the sake of speed right now, so yes, I would recommend rendering at 480 and saving yourselves some time as well.

@yrsued The only video I replicated a playback error with was the Hi-Power one BUT, only at 720p. Once I set playback to 480, it played back just fine. Thats still an issue we will need to sort out, but I’m relieved to see that it isn’t a total fail. Are you having trouble with videos embedded on other sites? I had a report of that pop up in our Facebook messages this morning too.


huh… @yrsued now its working fine on both browsers and on my phone. After watching the TISAS video a bunch of times too, I have to say…I think your groups could be a little tighter :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL, thanks!! It’s a nice pistol, but not as good as the Springfield TRP that is coming up next!!


Some links on our Facebook were broken this morning, let me check now!!


Looking forward to watching that! They’re great pistols