FULL30 Beta Roll out


Was informed by mark just now that it appeared as though all videos uploaded before a certain date were not playing due to some 3rd party error involving our address. Guess it was a pretty serious scare that we had been deplatformed there for a second! All should be well now that we have that resolved however


@full30nick, it’s working now, very well, even at 720P


@full30nick, it seems to be working very well now!!


fantastic news!


So… I’m not getting new video emails.


They aren’t in spam either.

Sorry to add to the list.


I can’t even send Notifications

I’m getting an error!! IF I can’t notify my followers, they don’t know I have a new Video!!

This last one will be another Video YouTube will take over in Views, the same thing has happened since the upgrade!!


Any solution about the Notifications??


This is NOT good for any of us!! YouTube has 29 Views, Here… 3!!! NOT GOOD!!

Normally I get 3X as many views here than on YouTube!!


certainly a solution, time frame is the question, don’t worry this thread is monitored and everyone of these issues is a genuine concern for FULL30, it will be perfect


I know it will, I want to replace YouTube with Full30, but now, I can’t!! I have posted 4 Videos since the Upgrade with little or no views and now the Videos are going up in the order of Upload, not Release, this means that I will have to delete ALL the Videos I uploaded and reupload them for release, which is a pain in the ass!! We edit and Upload and release when we have schedules or Embargos are up.


Whats that mean?


When a company like Ruger shows me a Firearm and I can’t release the Video until the Firearm is released!!

The New Magnum Rimfire Precision Rifles for example, I shot the Video in October, but they gave me the Green Light Yesterday, it’s killing it on YouTube, but because the new order of Videos and Notification issues is doing terrible here!!


Seems like they’re going out in bursts for some reason. When Mark gets back in the office I’ll ask what’s up with that.


A bumpy road but quite a ride! Sort of like watching brain surgery explanation I cannot get the translation button to work. I sure do admire you guys, you are demonstrating just what is possible. I am staying with you, enjoying it is uncertain but good job you guys.:sunglasses:


Still not being able to send Notifications!!

Any news??


We’ve been out of the office most of the day on another assignment, but will resume debugging once the rest of the team is all here.


Anyone that thinks being competition for screwtube is easy has never worked on anything behind the scenes. I was an ISP back when dial up modems was all there was. 28.8 was considered fast.


Sorry to keep bitching, one more thing that we are having issues with is that we can’t load custom Thumbnails!! I do photography for a living and I shoot my own custom Thumbnails, I don’t want my ugly mug on the thumbnail, when I can create great images for that!!


I got that added to the list the other day. I too like to upload a thumbnail from time to time.


@Tactical_Reviews, Grassy Ass bro!!