FULL30 Beta Roll out


You might want to get that checked




I’m trying to upload a custom thumb nail now and no go :flushed:


500 Web error on emailing subscribers as well


Both issues are being addressed. Please keep the bug reports coming in.


@Tactical_Reviews, we will advise when we find issues!!

One big issue for me is the order the Videos appear, I would like them to appear in the order they were published not the order they were uploaded!!


Also on my imac I can’t find where to manage my videos. My phone shows it. On my phone it doesn’t show stats but on my imac it does. Wierd. Maybe I’m overlooking but my brother said the same thing


I can’t see any videos…



I believe that is also being addressed.


Can you provide more information? Such as browser, phone, tablet, desktop.


Just a friendly reminder. When reporting issues or bugs, please provide as much information and details as possible. Screen shots also help. Error codes, what browser, even type of device.

This all helps speed up things. This way we can pass on the report to, or staff can read it themselves and deal with it ASAP. Having to ask additional questions, then wait for that to be answered drags out the process. It’s the goal of everyone involved to get this roll out done as fast as possible.

Thank you all for your patience.


Dell Laptop, Windows 8 Internet Explorer


Thanks. Have you tried a different browser?


does that even still work?


it is what is on the laptop…I can pull up about anything, but when I click the video tab on here all I get is a blank page…


You may be at an impasse with that and FULL30, don’t know for sure but do know browsers age and become useless


might simply be the fact it is Windows 8 not supporting the “newer” video formats, is it only Full30? Did you or could you view Full30 prior to the beta?


Guys, any idea what happened to custom thumbnails?


They’ll be back :sunglasses: