FULL30 Blog has some new life




I’m glad the blog is going again. It’s another plus for the Full30 site as a whole.


I agree with @Tactical_Reviews, nice to see an original feature be resurrected. Lots of activities for us to learn and share with whole crew. Thanks:sunglasses:




I’m not a blog writer, I actually struggle with writing things. College papers are hard, and I’m writing 5 to 8 a week. Yes, I love the topics being firearms, ballistics, and such, but writing just isn’t my thing. I really need to get someone involved with my channel that is.


if it is any consolation your writing articulation has improve tenfold since first run in…


Writing papers for college has helped. I use an app that watches what I write and makes suggestions for grammar and such.


There’s a book called Write Right. Pretty old, but succinct on proper grammar and such.


That is awesome. I immediately looked down to see other posts… and quite obviously was drawn to the 80% post…

And to my huge surprise, I am in it… :blush:

Big thanks to Nick Kussoff.


Takes a great talent @full30nick to recognize a great talent @Mosinvirus :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I’m glad the blog is gaining life again!


Trying! Scott Lambin from HTC/Brass Tacs will be a main contributor for us soon too. We have been working closely with him over the last few months actually (somewhat unrelated), and he has some really great writings to share!