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Hey all, I have been using full30 since it came out and enjoying every bit of it. I’ve been a firearms instructor for 13 years and a dealer. My main reason for coming here instead of youtube was the focused content and the obvious standards of the content. I hated having to deal with the smut that Youtube wants to through in with your search results. Full30 has been a place I can feel just fine with my teens searching and learning from. To my point, with the opening of Full30 to all gun content creators it has allowed in content that, frankly is not suitable for younger audiences. For example “Tactical Sh*t” Their content is full of foul language and perverse images such as cover photos of women in their underwear and videos of men humping goats. If this is the direction full30 is going then I am out but I would hope that the admins would at least put some standards on the content to maintain the integrity of the firearms community and to keep Full30 a safe place for us to direct young shooters for information. Guns don’t have to be rated “M for mature” to be cool. Our young people need sights like this, but if the content is mixed with smut, I will be directing them somewhere else.


Great question for @TomFull30
I know there is the dislike button but I don’t know if that’s monitored like the flag option in this forum. If not, perhaps it should be. He seems to be the one to mention this kind of thing to. And I totally agree, Tactical Shit is just that and has no real place here.
Some may argue that censoring anybody is the same think YuckTube is doing. While true this forum is privately run and can apply the standards it chooses.


I hate political correctness as it is a muzzle put on the mouths of good men and women who speak the truth. The media would love to bang on the gun community with this kind of smut but they will hate us regardless and trying to make them like us is a waste of time. Arguing with fools is just foolish. Some may even say that speaking out against such revolting content is political correctness. I guess those same people would like it if we put our muzzles back on and stop standing up for truths like,
Men should respect, honor, and protect women not degrade them,
That real men set the standards of what is good and right based on absolute truth
That men speak with integrity and don’t need to be foul to have fun or make a point

I’m sorry to be on a soap box here but this is a real serious topic to me. Young men and women today have little to no idea what a real man is supposed to look like and our families and our country is paying the price for it. I don’t have much patience for this kind of behavior.


Those guys are annoying, they remind me of the “TAPOUT!” idiots in MMA.


Also a longtime, loyal viewer here. I generally don’t get involved with content issues, but, sadly, I have to agree with the previous posts-- the addition of Tactical Sh*t is disappointing. I can’t speak for any of the previous creators, but it seems like it must be disappointing for them, as well, to be associated with the low-brow, senseless, common dribble that ‘Tactical’ channel has brought to Full30.

I know we have freedom of choice to watch their content or not, but…still.


This is again a great opportunity to create an ignore feature. This time for content creators / channels and not just the forums. While I don’t want censorship I would like a better viewing management experience that’s more efficient by being able to control what I see to stuff I like and will participate in. I know I’m not alone with this.


“CENSORSHIP” is one of those loaded politically correct terms that swings both ways. If we had an ANTIFA member making videos calling for the murder of police officers we would all not have a problem with “censoring” that kind of content because it is outrageous and dangerous. When we yield to the idiotic notion that truth is plastic, a blank canvas that anyone can paint on saying, this is my truth and that is yours, don’t judge me, then we get politically correct terms like this meant to discourage people from speaking the real truth.

men should be men
women should be women
fire is hot
gravity is your friend unless your falling from a high place
you can’t breath water unless your a fish
theft murder and lying is evil
drugs kill and destroy
sexual perversion and degrading women is evil
using foul language is adolescent and insults your own intelligence
pornography makes men weak and useless
This stuff isn’t complicated, its just inconvenient.
It is not “censorship” to have real standards based on real truth.


that is hilarious man. But only because it’s real close to being true.


I agree that Tactical Sh*t is definitely not for kids I enjoy their videos. Those kinds of videos certainly have a place and I wouldn’t want to see them pulled or made unavailable.


Thanks for starting this thread OP. I have spent a lot less time here since those juveniles have become the dominant content creators here.

I hate Political Correctness as much as the next guy, but creating ‘fake news’ like the “Feds raid” videos mixed with gratuitous profanity does the general firearms community no good and reminds me of being in summer camp with a bunch of 12-14 year old boys, and no counsellors around.

Maybe TS has some useful info in their videos, but I’ll never know because what I have seen has completely turned me off from watching more.