Full30 FAQ Thread


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please email Help@full30.com.

Q. When will the Full30 app be released?

A. We are launching an app within the next 60-75 days. Tentative release date is TBD, but we are shooting for the middle of June. We are experiencing unusually high volumes of requests for an app due to Youtube’s policy change regarding firearms and are working diligently to create one in a timely manner.

Q. How do I apply to get my channel featured on Full30

A. To apply for a channel reservation please go to:

Once the application process has been completed, we can review that channel to be featured on the next round of Full30 invites.

Q. How can I change my user name?

A. At this time the only way to change your user name is to create a new Full30 account.

Q. How come my email says "invalid"

A. For technical errors please contact Help@full30.com


Thanks for the heads up Tom. I know the app thing is on everyone’s mind. :smiley:


Np, Mister_Torgue.

It’s heavily on our minds, as well. As soon as we know more specifics I’ll drop them into the forums.

Thanks for the reply.


That’s great to hear. Should hopefully put everyone at ease knowing you all are working hard behind the scenes. :smiley:


Yes indeed.

Epic things are on the horizon.


Don’t rush yourselves. I don’t speak for everyone but I think quite a few here would be glad to wait for a finished product rather than a rushed one. Don’t be pressured, I for one am very content with the amount of progress. You guys are doing a great job :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words, Stonewall.

Our vision is to deliver only the highest quality product to you. Rest assured, high quality progress is being rapidly made.


How about occasional blog posts about stuff like site news, current development, future plans, etc?


I’m super stoked about jumping in here with both feet. I’m a man with a lot of free time, being retired at age 49 has its perks. I’ll be here every day getting involved. Do you have an estimated time frame on approving new channels? I’ve been itching to get started.



Good suggestion ShanMan.

I’m going to fire that up today (although all 3 of those topics, more or less, go hand-in-hand so maybe one blog post will suffice, huh?)


Hey Dan,

Being retired at age 49 is the American Dream, I think. That’s awesome, and congratulations.

I should have more information about accepting new channels within the next day or two. Once I know, I’ll post that info up on here.

Thank you


Thanks, looking forward to it.