FULL30 Health report


First, buy yourselves a round of your favorite beverage :beers::wine_glass::cocktail::coffee:

The board is seeing a growth of quality topics and replies and the health report is overall positive

New sign ups and contributers is down but if eveyone can post links on their other favorite sites we can change that, if you post replies on FULL30 videos place a link and an invite there as well, many of those people are not in here, some do not understand it is a different software (CMS) and requires different log in credentials

And…Drum Roll…:drum:

There have been no flags for days :fireworks:.

Bloke on the Range

Been watching this myself, looks good. I totally agree, need to bring in more new members, and use the share feature here to share on your groups, pages, and time lines.


Word of mouth does work, slowly, but is anything being done as far as promoting or advertising?


Possibly a small reward/incentive. Whoever invites/gets to join the most people each month, gets a? Free full 30 hat, t-shirt etc.?


So far I have 28 redeemed invites, with 12 that never came. I have no clue how many have come just from posting on Twitter with a link. I’ll post up again to bring in more. If each person got 5 to come, that would be amazing.


I was thinking of putting up small ad on my sportsmens club corkboard where everybody puts stuff to sell or buy.


Every little bit helps.


I tell like minded customers who come in my shop about us, don’t know how many actually joined. Won’t know till I see them again. I’ve discussed with roughly 25+ people, including my regular ups driver.


New sign ups last 7 days


How many introduced themselves?


Not very many.


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A better question is, of those who’ve signed up recently, how many realize the forum exists separately from the video side? Or that the forum exists at all?







A few flags and 1 deleted spammer, as a result tinyurl.com is on the prohibited words list

look for another report next weekend

great job all !!!

@Tactical_Reviews = Super Moderator


Wonder why there’s a jump in new members. :smirk:


What’s with the ‘clicks’ and how do I get more? I don’t want to be in 5th place.


First off,


secondly on any post you want to share select the chainlink icon, copy and paste around the web


thirdly, if you can beat @Tactical_Reviews we’ll ship your ghost friend all expenses paid, UPS ground, to full30 HQ to meet the crew !!


All in the green as of today!!


All is looking Great!


That’s what I like to see. Keep it moving, share this site with your friends. Share the video on pages and groups you run or visit.