FULL30 Health report


:heart: I’m staying. Hubby says I’m not like most women anyway. :grin:


Wait, did you ask him how he knows that? Ask him(while holding a meat cleaver):joy::rofl::sweat_smile::wink:


I’m sure it’s a lull from Labor day and now school starting up. Parents are switching routines and it should pick back up.




I haven’t been around as much. Sorry :frowning: I get a little busy with the little one, work, home, etc (same stuff as everyone else pretty much) and thus didn’t get on here as much.



I have to use Melatonin almost everyday - too difficult to go to sleep, otherwise.


Thanks John, ill have to try some,


I’m actually going to be including some links to Full30 in an special announcement video I’m posting on my YouTube channel shortly. Hopefully it will help to get more people interested.




Great job! Oooooh, I heard my name & it wasn’t followed by any 4 letter words, life is good!




Great video buddy. You will like it here much better. I only use DUMPtheTUBE for live streaming.

Oh ya, thanks for the shout out.


Nice job!


Will you look at that. This video was published five hours ago and Google already shows it.


Cool Way to go.


That was a nice video BoomstickTactical …but…how did you get that *^#@ LonewolfMcQuade to watch it?

We can never get him to stay on task :grin:


I think more of us need to make videos like that. Those anti-social sites don’t want to play nice in the playground, well, we can do the same. Personally, it’s my mission to pull as many away as possible. Other than twitter, I hardly post outside of promoting my channel and this forum.