Full30 Intro Video Is READY! - Tell me what you think


I put together an intro video in anticipation of soon getting An American Homestead on Full30.com. We would really like to start posting videos again besides just to patreon.

Tell us what you think!


The video is posted as unlisted since we don’t post to our Youtube channel anymore.


Very well done. Now I have to make one as well. Thanks guys.


Well done Sir, well done.


Whats not to like?.. nicely done


Looks nice! You have a new subscriber. )))


Thanks! Really hoping to get on here at Full30.com. We are no longer posting at Youtube and our audience is hoping for a place to see our videos again.


Holly cow! I love your new video. All the best to you and yours!


Lets see more.
Takes a lot to be a Homesteader.
My hats off to you and your family.


I liked it. Will definitely subscribe when you get a channel. Nice job.