Full30 is a bust! Get on GAB!


Gab Lets you post your gun & firearms related videos without any restrictions! https://gab.ai/11C1P Check it out & make the move, Get on Gab!

Many of us have been coming here for weeks, months even, have content we want to watch & content we want to share. We’ve been telling people on different social media how great this site is going to be for firearm enthusiasts. Well it’s a big nothing & to top it all off, they won’t let you post ANY videos let alone a gun video. People have offered to pay membership fees or donate. Nothing. I wrote them an email over a week ago asking if I could post a video, or what I might need to do to be approved for posting one. You know what there response was? NOTHING! Not even a “fuck you” for a response, which would’ve at least let me know there are actually people working on this site who are at least competent enough to respond to email. I’ve been waiting to do my first 80% builds & several other projects to take video just for this site so I could say “Hello full30” instead of saying “hello youtube”. I guess I can just move on now. Coming back here to check & see if this site is actually doing anything worthwhile is now a completely futile effort & we are deluding ourselves to think otherwise. Sorry to break out a heaping helping of the truth, but that’s how it is!

Gab Lets you post your gun & firearms related videos without any restrictions! https://gab.ai/11C1P Check it out & make the move, Get on Gab!


As much as it pains me, I agree. I’ve reached out to Full30 several times and nothing. I’ve invested a lot of my time, invited a lot of people I know. As a person with decades of experience in online sites, this is how sites die.


^ This. Same here. I give this another 20-40 days before the tombstone gets carved and the slow death begins.

If we don’t see something soon irreperable damage will occur.


Totally agree. I’m days away from closing this tab on my browser. Months have passed since anyone has been here. I believe the last thing said was two weeks and things will change, or something to that effect.


“So this is how the world ends; not with a bang, but a whimper.”


Nothing will kill a forum faster than the owners ignoring it. I’ve watched it happen more times than I care to count.


I always wondered if this site was just a small token to try to scare YouTube into easing up on restrictions as to avoid any real competition with no real interest in creating a large scale legitament site.


Acoustic cover awesome!


Well damn. Going straight for the throat there.


I’ve moved all my videos over to UGEtube.com


Hey there everybody! I’ve recently been tasked with helping out with community engagement here, and needless to say, this thread caught my attention as I’m sure it was intended to. I’ve gone through a bunch of these threads here now, so I already know you’ve heard “more of the same” from a lot of moderators and the like. I’ll be straight up with you guys in saying that I don’t have much more to say on top of what has already been said in addressing your concerns about the platform. I very much agree in the sentiment that we have let you guys down recently as far as engagement is concerned, but its hardly a matter of lacking respect for you all. We are working hard on providing you with a vastly improved version of Full30 which is long overdue, but hasn’t been possible until recently. I really wish we could snap our fingers and have everything done, but for now we are building a great team of talented and passionate people with the mutual goal of providing the firearms community with the best possible platform to share what we enjoy. I realize patience is wearing thin with some people, but I’m just going to need you all to trust us on this, and know we are working on some really amazing stuff for the site. In the meantime, I’m going to be actively involved in the forum here when my schedule allows it, and you can be assured that your voices aren’t going unheard.

Best regards,



There’s a few people here more than willing to step up and help out. IMO, the biggest problem was the length of silence. I can’t speak for others, but I understand what’s involved. Just having a few people here that can deal with bots, spam, and problem people would be a big plus. Also having someone here every day that can make some changes, such as creating new areas to keep topics straight. We don’t need to be involved in the video area to help out here. Roles can be restricted in a way that prevents permanent damage. After reading the topics, you should be able to see who is worth talking too.


^ Exactly. Let’s let the posts speak for themselves. :sunglasses:


I’ve always been a fan of people earning the invite. I’ve been on far to many forums where everyone says make me an admin or mod.


I’m all for helping out Full30. I do when I can.

But it’s quite discouraging when I applied for a Full30 account months ago because my YouTube was suspended and still nothing has come from it.

We want to help y’all out by submitting content and uploading videos. But we can’t.

At least the forums have more activity than they used to.


Go to real.video. They are 2A friendly and up and running.


I have been trying to open The Patriot Nurse since i joined and it still won’t open. Time to get some of this straightened out. I have tried to stay away from You Tube but Full 30 is not helping with that.


Hopefully @full30nick will pop in and answer this.


Is it an existing channel that you can’t access, or one you would like to create?


It shows when you look at videos and is listed as The Patriot Nurse. When I click on one of her videos it sends me back to your home page.