FULL30 is doing a great job!!


@full30team You all are doing an amazing job!! Just got my Shooting Illustrated magazine today and guess what! FULL30.com is in one of the articles!!! You all are awesome!!! :muscle:


Nice, it’s a small write up, but it’s better than nothing.


Bout damn time, thats been a long time coming, now we need some more writers to take notice :sunglasses:

Can you post it by any chance?


That’s awesome!

I do like the forum a bunch, great people here. Thanks again TR for the invite.

I have a feeling some good things will happen for Full30 :slight_smile:


Did you mean in here or a new thread? I edited the op to include a link.


I think we all have contributed to a well conceived idea, I do want to say “Thanks” to the folks that organized this forum and work hard to do the “behind the scenes” stuff. We can all be proud.:clap: