Hey Full30 community,

Recently, a lot of content creators have been wondering when the heck the doors will be open for the channels with smaller audiences.


That time has arrived.

Full30 is going to be opening the doors to all content creators, VERY SOON.

However, because there are literally thousands of channels coming over from YT, we have to do it slowly, over a period of time.

Please be patient as we work to expand our capacity and platform.

Tentative date for all content creators to begin uploading their content is starting in JUNE (yes, two weeks from now)

What questions do you have for me?

Thank you

Bloke on The Range

Good news. I’ve been waiting for a few months now.


Excellent news!!!

Will there be an increase in the size of files that we can upload on the forum?

Personally I would like to post high quality gifs of my firearm’s actions in slow motion.


This is a good question.

I’ll ask the tech team and get back to you.


Excited to hear that. Been waiting for a while.


Ask them to enable editing and deleting your own comments etc also can you please?


One thing I always felt YT missed out on is doing videos in a social media/forum format allowing people to talk, comment, and share much like here. The comment section of YT sucks and is very limited.


On common sense, decency and intellect.

But smut, perversion and mine is bigger than yours is busting at the seams.


Seems like a lot of the comments I get are from the UK, unable to understand why anyone would want to walk around with a firearm.


That’s how I feel about smart phones,

I love open carry and when in GA, NC always do, good conversation starter usually with good folks, always a bummer to get back to FL and have to conceal


I carry how ever I feel like. I wear a IWB holster. If my shirt’s tucked in, you can see it, if not, it’s out of sight.


Awesome. How do I contact someone about my login? I can’t seem to log in on my other devices.


Ive had the same issue, can’t log in from another device.


Woohoo!! Great news.


Thank you Tom. If there is a need to wait to upload so some of the larger/more prolific channels can get it, I can wait. Much appreciated.


Is there any possible app coming out in the future for android and apple?


Thank you Sir. I am looking forward to contributing my content to this awesome community of Pro 2A folks!

Will it be possible to upload directly from my YouTube channel?