Full30 is the place to be if you want to be free

Not only do we have a great forum to talk without fear of being tossed in twitmo, but there’s also a far better option for videos.

Did you know about this? If you have an active firearms related channel, or other outdoor life channel, @full30nick is the guy to warm up to. Doesn’t hurt being involved here either.

But what about the rest of us. Yes, I’m sure that’s what a lot of you are saying. I have one or two videos of me doing this or that, but I don’t want a channel and still want to show off without giving any traffic to youtube. We got you covered. No, we really do. Full30 forum has a community channel that is open to all forum members, and it’s free. Here, check it out. full30forumcommunity · Channel · full30forumcommunity · Juxxi

But Dan, how do I get a video posted there? That’s easy. You can contact Nick and request upload access, or use the link below, no need to give Nick more work, he’s a busy guy. I just set up a google drive, you can upload your videos here, Full30 Community channel - Google Drive and I will get them uploaded to the community channel. Please get me any description or other information you wish and I will include it.

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