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Damn Damascus steel always gives me aaaaa You Know…
Beautiful is the only word for it.
I take it that’s what we are looking at Harambe1?



Did you mean this for me?






I would love to make something like that.



Serious question for all of you knife people.

What steel would you recommend? And why?
Thank you in advance.



CMP-M4. It’s a very strong steel that holds an edge well. M390 is s nice one too.



So a buddy of mine asked if I could sharpen a knife for him. I said of course I could! This is what he handed me

Note that the serrations are gone, the tip is blunt, and you can’t tell from the picture the blade was extremely dull.

After a few hours I was able to straighten the Kershaw Blur out for him.

Here is a quick slide show of what I did to it.



Excellent work!



Thank you Brother!



Fixed blade or folder? EDC or special use? For chopping, slicing, carving, filleting, or piercing? For cardboard, for game, for bushcrafting, for self-defense, etc.? How good are you at sharpening and how often are you willing to sharpen? What budget? Are you near or around (salt)water? What kind of edges do you use/prefer? (Compound, hollow, full-flat, scandi, etc.?) Kind of like asking what food you should eat or what clothes you should wear . . . that depends.



Nice work. That’s the knife I carry. Well one of them.



Nice, though I’d have bought him a new, identical $50 Blur and then scuffed it up a bit–before charging him $50 for the sharpening job.

Now you see why I have no friends!



I will not be making folders just yet. Fixed blade, closer to bushcraft, though I may go larger, between scandi and full flat profile… I guess I should mention that i am just looking for decent all around steel. Probably “stainless” alloy, since I may be looking to do some artistic stuff on it.

I will start by making something simple, then move into making something more complex, etc… though that Karambit would be a good challenge.

Just need to start with good steel as I am getting back into it. The last time I made a knife was over 20 years ago.



Thank you sir.



Ah, I see. Well, the only semi-stainless I could suggest would be D2, since it’s air-hardening. Otherwise, my choice would be an old standby like O1 or 1095. I like the hamon that this guy is able to create in his 1095. In fact, I have one of his knives.


You’re probably already familiar with this channel, but it might give you some other ideas.

Good luck!



I may get 1095 just to see how it goes at first.

I did see some of Walter’s videos. I think he has one where he uses only manual tools. I will not be going that far (power drill for sure) but will be using hand tools for the rest.

As far as heat treating, I am probably going to send the blades out. When I have a shop I will do it myself where applicable.

I wish I had pictures of the last knife I made a long time ago. It was a Bowie with functional saw back, relief carved guard and pommel (pomel was a skull with jade eyes) and ebony handle. I think you guys would have liked it.

I noticed a joke comment above with Predator (the movie) blades. Funnily enough I was toying with an idea of an Aliens Vs Predator knife a long time ago. Super impractical, I know, but I had (or maybe still have) some drawings.
The blade would be a modified but similar design to the wrist blades from the movie, chestburster from Alien for a guard, handle is Alien’s head (from Alien, not Aliens). Hiddent tang of course.

In case you were wondering, I am an Alien, Aliens fan. Alien 3 was garbage, Resurrection never happened, everything since then is a joke. Prometheus wants to tell me the Space Jockey was a guy in a suit??? Garbage!!! Rant off.



[quote=“Mosinvirus, post:265, topic:4207”]
Alien 3 was garbage, Resurrection never happened, everything since then is a joke.
[/quote] Agreed! :smile:



As long as it has an ivory handle and baby seal skin sheath, with your talent, it’ll turn out beautiful!



As long as it has an ivory handle and baby seal skin sheath…

So… something like this?

But, let’s be honest, what you truly desire, when your imagination runs wild in the small hours, is something like… well, just skip to 10:44 here:



That would be cool!

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