Full30 Knife Thread


Nice camo job on the blade!


@RogueGunnWorks, that’s a kick-ass SOG hold on to that one for sure, goes nice with your Sig, killer combo!


It’s not so “big ass,” but sometimes “guid gear comes in sma’ bulk.”

Sgian dubh, carried in the sock when wearing a kilt. :blush:


Busse Boss Jack


@shoonmine, cool knife INFI is good stuff👍


@Prepper10, I like this one something a bit different, nice looking piece of stag!


Thanks. I definitely enjoy some infi



My father bought a pair of these knives in the late 70s to early 80s for his mother and step father. When she passed away she left them to my brother and I. Probably my favorite knife


@shoonmine, What a great looking Skinner! I’m a Kessler fan also👍


My Kizlyar “Alligator” machete.


Just thought I would give an update…
I have been without my Benchmade for nearly two months. It’s been gone for a clip replacement. I’m on the fence here… repairs SUCK! Their turnaround time is absolutely horrible. However, I bought another CRKT, so I wouldn’t be naked and, after carrying the Benchmade, can see how quirky it actually is. The Benchmade is smooth and opens flawlessly every time. The edge was superb. Nice edge on the CRKT but it’s a bit clumsy. The lock gets pushed on and is sometimes a problem when trying to open. Fine if it’s just a box you’re poking at but, if you have to defend yourself, you’re screwed!



Very nice looking knives, especially the Benchmade. How much do Benchmade knives go for?

How would they compare to other quality knives ?


Benchmade knives typically run between $100 and $400 or so. See BladeHQ. Gerber isn’t ashamed to sell a $12 knife and rarely even tells you what steel the blade is made of. On the other hand, you don’t actually want to know. At least they make a handful of knives out of S30V.

CRKT sells a lot of knives in the $40 to $50 range, mostly out of 8Cr13/14MoV (yuck). So, while Benchmade tends to be overpriced, their knives are definitely a step up from either Gerber or CRKT. Also, consider a Kizer or Cold Steel in S35VN steel. To spend less, in my opinion, is penny wise and pound foolish.


Thanks for education on knives, Prepper10.

Looks like I should be buying Benchmade knives instead.


I love benchmade knives about 10 years ago I gave up on cheap knives always breaking and never holding a edge
Spend the extra cash for a good knife you won’t be disappointed


ZT×2 and a DPX


I know better than to ask what’s in the LEFT pocket!


John Rambo’s got a new knife and it looks like a real Beast! designed by Dietmar Pohl of Pohl Force knifes, it’s called the heart-stopper!


Damn, they didn’t take my nomination to name it the cuddle bunny :rabbit: