Full30 Leaders Announcement


Hello Everyone!

Its time for for a few promotions, most people are aware of how the software here puts users through the trust levels, time spent, contributions, even the hearts you get add up to promote your trust levels.

Some people are expedited through that for a variety of reasons, all revolve around trust.

But the Leader trust level is reserved and not handed out easily or without merit.

Those are what we are announcing today,

First up is AJ, @switchpod

His firearms technical know-how, willingness to share and integrity has earned him the Leader level,
he did once make an error with MRAD scope dialing but never deleted it and owns up to it, he was also rumored to have skipped Church one Sunday, but we love him just the same.

Next is Russ, @LonewolfMcQuade

Russ is one of our Alpha Males, he is rumored to have taught Chuck Norris everything he knows, but I know him as the guy who never misses a members birthday, I always love seeing Russ’s birthday posts, its the small things like that which really can put a smile on someones face.

Brian, @brianpurkiss and Dan,@Tactical_Reviews both earned Leadership taking on owner status for the new Producers group and are both great FULL30 promoters, I am looking forward to their podcast premier but it is rumored to be a Seinfeld knock off. (Dan said it was cold in the hospital and Brian said it was a podcast about nothing)

Elena @EQuinn and Tim @srdiver have agreed to lead the newest group, it is called the Range Officers and is responsible for helping new-comers, basically that means collecting the protection money, and then showing them which line on the floor to follow to get then to their cells, it will be up and running soon for others to join if they wish, of course there are fees to pay, luckily with Tims help they be taking all the pennies Canada discarded.

Keith @SAK67 and Mark @mquinn55 have both shown great care for the well being of FULL30 in general and also stand out as Alpha Males, it is rumored they both turned down every role Vin Diesel ever starred in and that they used to take Dwayne Johnson’s lunch money which is what toughened him up.

This list is not exhaustive or complete and others were certainly missed that deserve accolades, we’ll all work to keep an eye out for next time :+1:

Congratulations to our FULL30 Leaders!!



Congratulations! :clap:


Excellent choices all.
This forum is attracting the best folks.
This is the only forum I now do.


Congrats guys



I cannot confirm nor deny these allegations.


FULL30 loves all the ALNA members :hugs:


Congratulations all.

* sigh * Maybe someday . . .


Woot!!! Woot!!!


^ This.


All good people, and a wealth of knowledge to boot!
These guys keep me coming back day after day to read some more interesting (and entertaining) commentary.


We try to do our best.


Congrats to all.


Congrats leaders!


How many members does this forum have

How many are active
Congrats to all the leaders

We don’t always see eye to eye on issues
But we are all friends here


Roughly 70 per day average right now


Both of these statements are true.
Thankfully seeing eye to eye is not in the Terms of Service.


I’ve been here a lot and in average there’s about 30 real users that post content and actual real things about firearms

Let’s make this forum a good one
We need more of the actual users to post everyday
More members are great but we have to welcome all of them
I belong to a board that has over 600k memebers that’s not including guest visits
We can move this board to that point
Are we all in agreement


It’s true there’s like 30 of us that argue all day
I respect your opinion you respect Mine
We should all be able to share and express our opinion