Full30 mentioned in social media gun study


Here’s the link to the full study. It’s a long read.


Even if it’s bad; In the media business, as long as they are talking about you, your’e doing it right.
-(paraphrased) Bill Wattenburg KGO radio


Sarah is on F30?


sootch00 has fallen into the YT money trap, he has been on YT for a long time and is cashing checks, that is his main concern and goal…when he started he may not have been that way, but money changes everything…I have no faith in him and a lot of the others on how strongly they actually feel about protecting gun rights. He and the others would hold on the money before they fought for much else, not a fan of the majority of them, he is not going to support and build on a site that does not pay him…


According to that article we get

sponsored by firearm manufacturers

good news @Belt-Fed checks should be forthcoming!

So @SteelPinger do you have a grip on the article, like, what the bottom line is for being in JMIR?


The article said, “The power of industry, where full-time employees are paid to produce advertising content…for social media platforms, is not counteracted by advocacy messaging or ordinary people who hold the majority opinion [93]: Firearm ownership and tobacco use are not health behaviors that should be encouraged or modeled. This paper contributes to the larger discussion about opportunities for regulating the media that promote harmful health behaviors in the United States and internationally.”

I have many opinions about the article and I noticed several inaccuracies, but I will keep it simple. This pretty much sums up my thoughts:

  1. They are trying to demonize gun owners by claiming that we are a health threat, like tobacco.
  2. They are trying to demonize the gun industry, like big tobacco companies.
  3. They don’t like the pro-gun advocacy capabilities that social media provides.
  4. The anti-gun advocates clearly want to censor gun content.

The article also said, “Social media produced by the military and law enforcement currently works to the benefit of firearm producers: future social media produced by these government agencies should consider opportunities to promote peace and stability, in our homes, communities, and around the world.”

Kumbaya. This :arrow_up: is why I am opposed to gun violence research using the “public health” approach. It’s clearly biased and the results will only follow the predetermined conclusions.


In other words bullshit from behind the lines.


Well… at least we’re mentioned and that means people will come here. Good bad or indifferent they will come.


I came here because I subscribe to 7 channels, not all guns, and all were demonetized by Alphabet/Youtube. All of them.

One is news commentary. He was moved to restricted, where you have to have it off. But CNN is not in the same category.


Well the comment “they joined the NRA, or GOA, or whatever” tells it all. If we all join ineffective groups the 2A will disappear. It I far more important that those who enjoy shooting sports join an organization that actually supports and defends the 2A. So yeah I agree fully with you.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world.


The goa is ineffective?


No the NRA is. I am a member of GOA.


ok, I’ve questioned if I should re-up my NRA membership - not decided yet. I think I’m in a 5 year deal


I am a life member of the NRA.
Also distressed to learn of the graft and greed and misuse of our membership dues.
The NRA has not received a dime from me since I found out.
Nor will they until the issue is brought up by them, corrected, and a clear check and balance set up inside the organization beginning with transparency.
I haven’t renounced my membership.
But it hasn’t cost me anything since the scandal broke.
Leadership should be ousted.
Transparency imposed.
A return to core values at the top for any new leadership.
Until those things happen, I will not send them money.


Yep I get personal calls from them.
Wondering where my contributions went. I gave big in the oblowzo years. PVF - ILA etc…
I tell them exactly what you said.
I DO pay my dues so I can still vote. Change can only come from within.
We put one of our own in 2 elections ago.


I still begrudgingly maintain my NRA membership for two reasons:

  1. Non-members have no power to change anything.
  2. If the NRA collapses, it would be a monumental victory for the anti-gunners and the long-term effects would be disastrous.

That being said, I also support GOA, SAF, and FPC. We need them all to be strong, including the NRA. Just my $0.02.


I knew it! You’re just having us do OLIGHT stuff because you are Nyctophobic.




I read this morning about a former executive and his $800,000 salary. I came unglued. I am glad I never supported them.


I’m only a 5 year member but wondering renewal time if I should spend my money better elsewhere, seems people don’t want to say goodbye idk