FULL30 Needs advertisers!



There are no two ways about it short of a donation from a generous benefactor (anyone?)

FULL30 runs off advertising dollars and needs advertisers.

Please keep an ear out and drop a word amongst the right ears so we can grow and maintain.

Respond here to sign up or send a PM



imagine if those Premier content creators listed in the overview above would help us help them by showing up occasionally here on the forum. it would be a big boost for the Forum and a big boost for their channels and advertisers wanting to advertise here!


Prime example would be NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt jr. kind of grew up with the name Fame and money of his father Dale. however like most dirt track drivers and those first starting out, they had to make a name for themselves to gain fans and to gain sponsorship. He went out and mingled with the crowd to gain support & put themselves out there to get noticed. Dale senior started with nothing. He chose to buy tires instead of putting food on the Family’s table in order to try to win a race that week. He made the sacrifices and it paid off for him.


I sent an email over to the affiliate marketing guy i know over at Palmetto State Armory with the link to this thread to see if they are interested.


I think we can get your channel fast tracked :wink:


I posted some comments on a few channels inviting them here. Didn’t want to over do it and be spamming. I want to aggressively promote the forum, but not be all annoying about it.


I’ve done the same, still waiting to see some faces here.


It’s really all we can do, keep working at it. In the past few months this site went from nearly dead to hopping.


Nearly, he says :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Such a fine line between the two.


It’s ALIVE!!!


Full30 should get ads on the forum. It’s growing quickly and that would be another avenue to get a lot of exposure for the advertisers.

(It would also be incentive for them to promote the forums a little more, which would be nice for us.)


It may happen, of course so will the subsequent bitching when it does :loudspeaker:


Or before it does. I’ll go first.

I totally understand the desire and need for those members with wares to sell to want to advertise in these forums.
I think that might be fine if limited to the
Industry | Retailers | Reviews

It wouldn’t bother me if someone placed an “ad” in that section. If there is a sale on some item or member discount then it should be there. Perhaps a link to that ad could be placed elsewhere in an appropriate section (i.e. a Hobbies & Habits sub section)

But I wouldn’t want to see ads just placed as new threads everywhere. As this forum grows that could quickly get cluttered and irritating.

Just my $0.01. ( my opinions today only are 50% off )


Well, there aren’t many options.

  1. More Ads to fund Full30 so it can grow
  2. No new ads to find Full30 and it continues to struggle and possibly never gets to a point where it can be truly open
  3. Full30 switches to a subscription model with no ads (which wouldn’t work)
  4. Full30 shuts down


They could add banner ads along the right side of the screen, so long as it’s not like some sites where they have 4 million ads with pop ups blocking content. Keep it classy, not annoying.


Exactly. Doesn’t need to be full everywhere.

Just add a banner to the forum.


All feedback is good, nothings happening today, but we’ve had willingness to support already and not accepting $$ is ._______. (fill in blank)


True enough. Hadn’t thought about a banner add. I was just thinking people would take over discussions trying to sell stuff.
Hadn’t thought it out.
No problem with a banner ad in my book.