FULL30 Needs advertisers!


Definitely not taking over discussions. Yeah, that would kill the quality.

Just another route for banner ads. Since the forum is picking up in activity, it’s another place for decent pageviews for the ads.


I’m gonna throw a shit fit! But only because you said some Will! However, if the ads were from , oh I don’t know, off the top of my head, say … Victoria’s Secret, penthouse, Russian mail order brides, who would care? Then you could slip in the hunting & shooting ads


LOL, I suppose you want member discounts too?


If you want ads like that, go to youtube. :smirk:


Discounts on the shooting supplies lol


pfft, and mail order penicillin shots ? :rofl:


It was a joke TR, but I’ll leave here & go back to YouTube if you don’t want me here anymore…:sob:


Lol, I did smirk ya.


Well yeah. I mean if your gonna invade the forums with ads cuz you hope to drive business. The ads will work on one level but a standing member discount (somewhere between 5% & 10%) would get you more business.

Not really joking here. I would almost most always pick a Full30 vendor over another, but depends on price. A member discount (or price matching) might just tip the scale a bit further.



Try asking Bruce Campbell to promote full 30
He started the whole broomstick thing.

Couldn’t hurt.


Palmetto State Armory was also on my list. They have seen the message but havent responded yet.


Ruger also.