Full30, Now On CloverTac!


Finally got around to adding the Full30 link to my social media carousel over on the CloverTac website.



Woo hoo, thanks bud.


:ammo: ran out of likes for the day :ammo::hitman::tada:


Been there, so very frustrating.


I have seen this before. image


Thats a crack up :rofl::rofl:

We’ll reciprocate soon I’m sure :wink:


eh, no rush, i just like to make sure that those who want to follow me can find me easily no matter where they might like to hang out.


I enjoy your videos on the website. Your presentations are really good.:sunglasses:


@Merlin7 which is your favorite so far?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: This is a :robot: test isn’t it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Pick the blue one @Merlin7


Do I need to try to copy a picture or do other highly technical stuff? :joy:


The one for the Radians muffs. You showed alot of poise and comfort while getting your info across.


interesting, what other videos of mine have you watched before, don’t remember you from the chats or comments anywhere, trying to place you


I will add to my displayed ignorance by saying that I have been introduced to more of your accomplishments on your website. @Tactical_Reviews pointed out that you were now connected to FULL30 from your site. Sure enough I find it works. Don’t reckon you recognize me, @Robert made me into a bot not too long ago and I am almost painfully ignorant of things Web-oriented. I retired from owning a gunsmithing and commercial shop of over 30 years. The VA now takes care of my expenses so I am trying to get involved in things and activities I missed doing. You can appreciate the demands of a business. Hope we can have more contacts in the future.:mage::mage:


wow! nice to have an old school gunsmith around, you probably have a wealth of knowledge these younger bucks just can’t grasp