Full30 Opening to All Content Creators


We are pleased to announce that Full30 is opening its doors to all content creators in the near future! In the meantime, please feel free to reserve your channel at the following URL:




Thank you I’m sure it’s going to be a success.


Hey that is awesome,would it be possible to post some kind of mission stament? Or expand you about page? Might be helpful to newcomers like me.Thank you


Thank you!

I’m so glad I’m here now!


Thank you. Finally, not having to play the YouTube Shuffle…


This is good news.Can’t wait to be on here.


VERY happy about this, especially if we can create additional community and subjects that are often overlapped with the firearms community…bushcraft, archery, fishing, anything outdoors really.

Getting a Roku app made would go a long, long way to becoming a viable and successful platform. I’m still watching Youtube all the time primarily because of my Roku…I’m sure I am not alone.


Any update on when this is happening?


Almost 700 creators have used InstantTVChannel.com to develop Roku channels. I don’t have a giant 4K TV, a couch, and a 100 megabit internet connection so I can sit at a desk and watch videos on my computer. I and many others would pay subscription fees to watch a YouTube replacement on our TV’s that does not censor content based on political views. YouTube says gun channels are not “advertiser friendly” and pretends that it has never heard of the concept of targeting advertising at the desired audience. Of all the sporting goods stores, only Dicks would refuse to advertise on any of the top gun channels. Opening up to all creators could position Full30 as a top alternative to YouTube. The search functions would need to be as good as YouTube’s and content would need to be delivered to the network edges via Akamai or whatever the modern equivalents are. I hope some gun people become fabulously wealthy at the expense of these sanctimonious book-burning YouTube hippies.


@full30team Is this link still active? I was re directed to the blog section and did not see any way to reserve. Thank you, and good job with the site so far!