Fun Picture Thread


That’s totally cool how big do they get in the wild?


From mouse sized to almost kitten sized (ive only seen one this big though)


Ever collect up a big pot full of them they’re tasty!


No…to be honest I dont think ive ever even tried real crab or lobster let alone that :rofl:


Great emergency prepper survival food, found throughout North America delicious and nutritious :rofl::rofl::rofl:


A pic from hunting earlier today. Not my usual hunting rifle. I just built the upper, had to sight it in…then took it hunting with me. This is more of a sit at the bench paper puncher (especially with the overkill optic).

Thought some of you might enjoy that desert scenery…note the lack of freezing cold white stuff…

My sight-in targets:

50 yards off the back of my truck lol!
The left target is dialing in the scope with 55gn milspec ammo…the right target is one round of my Hornady 55gn hunting ammo to check difference in zero. After the first round, I left it alone lol! (Would have liked to shot a group, but got interrupted by some weirdo and decided to leave the site.)


Beautiful rifle, nice shooting! Looks like a great border wall climber picker offer gun😂


Thank you :+1:t2:


LOVE IT… I used to import exotics and still have a love affair with the weird. The shop’s mascot is a red tailed catfish…


Bad cat, he’s an awesome fish👍


Feeding him has always been fun. Very gentle unlike the rest of the fish I own. Hahhahah


we call this guy Nautilus he’s a blue Jack Dempsey.


Crawdad, Crawfish, crayfish. All the same. Good eatin’.


I know it takes some of the mystery out of it… but this is where the magic happens. And where we park the :oncoming_automobile: when it’s cold.



Only one helmet video @ThisOldGun? You’re holding back


@byzpilgrim It takes time to make those silly stop motion animations.


Nice collection :+1: which one is your favorite?


@jf89 The green one. :grin: Just kidding. The one that started it all. A Soviet helmet I pulled out of an ambushed and abandoned Armored Personnel Carrier in Afghanistan outside of Kabul. Mailed it home, then brought back my interpreter’s old helmet on my next go around there. It kinda got out of hand from then on…


As long as there were no heads attached to them ,its all good and actually pretty neat.


Ha ha no heads. That would have been… well… morbid. I don’t need a haunted helmet!