Fun thought exercise: Pick your predator


John Lovel lays out a pretty fun thought exercise. He picks six different types of hunters, outlines their strengths and weaknesses, and picks who he thinks would be the most dangerous to go up against based on John’s strengths and weaknesses.

As he puts it, “Don’t take this too seriously because it’s a fun little mental exercise that’s going to have limited value and be fun.”

For me… I think the spy or kingpen would be my most feared. The spy striking without being noticed or warning through patience and timing… it’s hard to live a normal daily life when he could pose as a client and literally schedule a meeting with me. The kingpen is also quite the threat as he would just go after your loved ones.

What would your greatest threats be?


The John Wick.


yeah…John Wick for sure.



cause you won’t be able to hear me coming :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


John Wick


MMA guy


The baba yaga killed 3 guys with a pen, A fu**ing pen.


Sorry @jf89 ,

I’m just not real familiar with these Hollyweird type characters such as John-boy you’re alluding to…


back in the real world, I’d be far more afraid, in fact pissing in my paints afraid, of any young sheriff about to jack me up more than anything else, cause accidental shootings is a real-thing around these parts.

My wife’s cousin was killed by one a few years back.


Its a quote from John Wick. Basically he is an assasin out for revenge against the mob. Keeanu Reeves actually trained for the role, Taran Butler trained him.




I’d be one dead sucker with that kind of tactic that’s for sure :rofl:



I’m sorry about your wife’s cousin.


With all of you content creators here @Full30 now,

I would’ve thought perhaps some of you would’v made a decent video of what ‘NOT TO DO’ when being pulled over by the authorities, or when one comes to your home serving any kind of warrant and you being a law a bidding conceal gun carrier/owner.

Maybe some of you have already, I haven’t gotten around to all the videos just yet.


my wife’s cousin was an accidental shooting by the local sheriff serving a warrant for someone that wasn’t even associated with the family. The authorities mistaking arrived at the wrong address.

One sheriff deputy accidentally fired one round through the outside wall of the house. The round went entirely through the wall and struck my wife’s cousin in the head. The shot killed her instantly while she was sitting in her chair watching TV at the time.

Local sheriff deputy still has his job today.

Hard to believe, but it’s true.


Sorry to hear it man.


Yes, very sorry to listen to this tragic story, even more so to guess it wont close as likely hoped.


Sorry for your loss.


I watched that video. John Lovell is great.

I’m too boring for anyone to want to hunt :stuck_out_tongue: