Funny, you don't hear this story played over and over again in the media!



Even if it hadn’t been a ‘gun free zone ‘ he couldn’t have been armed. He’s only 20. To own a pistol he would have to be 21.


Is literal ownership of pistols restricted to 21+ in Cali, or is that just the FFL transfer age? Here, you can have a pistol under 21 if acquired through intrastate private transfer or if it’s gifted to you, etc.


That’s a gray area. A minor can possess a firearm while under supervision. Even if one could obtain and own a firearm at 18, they certainly couldn’t legally carry it until 21.


Not here in Montana… if you get one from your parents or where ever it is legal, you can carry at 18.
What I find sort of interesting is that there were so many “under 21” and they keep calling it a bar. Hold on, I need to put on my cheerleader outfit and jump up and down all excited about gun free zones.
This is why I do not go to large venues…


Yeah, it was college night. Not sure what that means in terms of alcohol consumption, but they were letting underage kids in.